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REVIV MyCore – your guide to an excellent health
  • 2020 December 13

MyCore research aims at performing a comprehensive analysis of your eating patterns. This genetic test indicates your individual need for particular nutrients, such as vitamins, microelements, antioxidants and others; it reveals specific products that might be held accountable for your overweight and obesity. Last but not the least, MyCore research helps to clearly identify which types of food is harmful to your body and which ones fit your body the best by fulfilling its needs. It is all in your genes – and MyCore helps to evaluate it!

Right after performing MyCore research, for the period of first two years, you will be prescribed our doctor’s consultation every six months of your journey towards a healthier life. During these consultations, the doctor will give you a detailed analysis of your results and will help you reach the desired goals.

MyCore is an innovative wellbeing programme that combines expertise of doctors working in different fields. MyCore package includes a comprehensive genetic analysis, detailed doctor’s consultation, as well as REVIV Megaboost IV therapy; you also receive a personalised eating plan, composed based on results of your genetic test.