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LipoContrast non-invasive fat reduction procedure!
  • 2021 March 1

GK Klinika is the first clinic in the Baltic States to introduce the unique innovation for slimming and fat reduction!

This method has already been tested by our patients during the quarantine and the results have exceeded all expectations. Today LipoContrast is the world’s most effective non-invasive medical fat reduction procedure. It is 40 percent more effective than other cryolipolysis procedures. This unique LipoContrast computerized system operates on the principle of a triple thermal shock: the heating of fatty tissue is changed to freezing, and to heating again at the last stage, which further enhances the effect of the procedure. Thanks to extremely precise software settings of time, speed, temperature and energy parameters the procedure yields extremely good results and is safe and effective.

You can read more about the LipoContrast procedure here: LipoContrast non-invasive fat reduction procedure