Rolandas Dagilaitis

Member of the Lithuanian Society of Vascular Surgeons

Member of the Lithuanian Society of Phlebologists

Member of the Lithuanian Society of Laser Medicine

Member of board of the Baltic Phlebology Society

1998 graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine.

1999 performed internship at Vilnius University Hospital.

2003 completed residence of general surgery at Vilnius University Hospital.

2005 completed residence of vascular surgery.

1995-2005 was working as assistant doctor in Vilnius University Hospital Department of Vascular Surgery.

2005-2008 was working as vascular surgeon in Vilnius University Hospital “Santariskiu klinikos”.

From 2003 continues postgraduate studies of vascular surgery in Vilnius University.

From 2006 is working in “GK Klinika”.

2007-12-15 performed first endovenuos laser procedure in Lithuania.

On 23.04.2008, earned Doctorate Degree in Medicine Ph.D. “ESTIMATION OF VENOUS BLOOD FLOW CHANGES AFTER LEG VEIN SURGERY” (Vilnius)

Training courses in Italy, Germany.

Areas of scientific interest: ultrasound use in leg veins examination.