Lilija Luksa

1984 graduated from Vilnius Higher Medical School.

1984 was working in Vilnius City University Hospital as nurse anaesthetist in the Intensive care department.

1999 finished the special massage courses:
The influence of massage for the body
Su Dzok acupuncture
Basis of Ayurveda
Anticellulitic technique
Classical massage
Swedish massage
Segmental massage
Tibetan massage
English massage
Honey massage
Ayurvedic procedures
Chocolate massage
Hot Stone massage

2001 was working as massage spacialist in „Antilope“ sports club.

In 2002 in France completed special training courses organized by „Academie“ company, enabled to use „Academie“ body care products for the body procedures.

In 2005 completed nurses’ clinic and specialization course.

In 2005 courses in Spain acquired  professional knowledge in the use of „Selvert“ ( Body Integral Program) company products and technology for body care.

In 2006  training courses in Italian company „Kleraderm“.

From 2006 is working in “GK Klinika”.

Every year attends conferences and courses abroad.