Posts - Secret RF fractional microneedle radio frequency skin and hair rejuvenation and alopecia treatment system!

Secret RF fractional microneedle radio frequency skin and hair rejuvenation and alopecia treatment system!
  • 2021 April 1

SECRET RF + (Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment is the latest alopecia treatment technology in the world, which works safely and effectively for hair regrowth! It is the most advanced and effective method for both stopping hair loss and its treatment, as well as reinforcing hair in general, restoring its density and increasing the quantity of hair.

SECRET RF+(Trombocites autocell injections) procedure – what is it?

Prior to the procedure, doctor creates a personally tailored treatment plan for individual results. During the Secret RF + (Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment, golden micro-needles penetrate the skin of patient’s scalp and radio frequency (RF) energy is distributed deeply and precisely to all necessary layers of the skin.

Using this method, microscopic fractions are created in the skin of the scalp. Immediately afterwards, the patient’s blood plasma enriched with platelets ((Trombocites autocell injections)) is applied topically. Following microchannels that were created by microneedles, (Trombocites autocell injections) reaches even deeper into the scalp, directly next to hair follicles.

How does SECRET RF +(Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment work?

During the procedure, ultra-thin golden needles penetrate into a pre-programmed skin depth and radiofrequency energy is applied. Disposable 25-microscopic-needle-pin tips are used most commonly. The RF energy released during the pulse actively affects both the collagen fibers of the scalp and triggers new collagen and elastin fibers, as well as activates the production of growth factors. Growth factors play a major role in formation and growth of both current and new hair follicles.

Later on, a small amount of blood (the standard is 27 ml) is then taken from a vein. Blood is processed to extract platelet concentrate ((Trombocites autocell injections)). The concentration of platelets in it is up to 9.3 times higher than the normal amount of platelets in the blood. Platelets contain various growth factors that start its work as soon as the platelets are activated. These growth factors are very important in stimulating the formation of new hair follicles and the growth of new hair. So two extremely powerful mechanisms work at the same time: twice as fast, twice as efficient!

In what conditions is Secret FR + (Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment recommended?

SECRET RF + (Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment is designed to stop and prevent hair loss, it is effective in various types of hair loss, most commonly in androgenic baldness. Often these procedures are also performed to restore hair density, lush, increase the quantity of hair as well as to strengthen the hair in general.

How does hair change thanks to SECRET RF + (Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment?

Hair loss slows down right after the first procedure and completely stops after few more procedures. The structure and thickness of the hair is restored, hair becomes thick, lush, the work of the sebaceous glands normalizes, new hair begin to grow – the difference is clearly visible to the naked eye. Hair follicles enter the growth phase and no longer thin out. For those looking for even a greater result, SECRET RF + (Trombocites autocell injections) is combined with hair GK FUE micro transplantation or other therapeutic procedures.

Is the procedure painful? How long does it last?

The scalp skin is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream, so the effects of microinjections and radio frequency are almost imperceptible. The procedure itself takes about half an hour.

How will I look like after the procedure?

After the procedure, there is a healthy redness to the skin. Mild redness lasts for 3-4 hours. Since the superficial layer of skin is not removed or damaged during the procedure, no tedious post-treatment period is required anymore!

How many sessions are recommended for SECRET RF+(Trombocites autocell injections) hair treatment?

Although each patient is different and has individual properties of scalp skin, it is generally recommended to perform 3-4 SECRET RF + (Trombocites autocell injections) sessions.

The interval between procedures is 1 month. You get better results with each session.

What are the precautions for the post-treatment period?

Do not wash your hair on the day of treatment after this procedure. Anti-inflammatory and antihistamine medications should be avoided for two weeks after the procedure.