Acne diagnostics and complexive treatment. Laser, Intense Pulse Light and FDT treatment

What is acne?

Acne or simple pimple are a an inflammatory disease of hair follicular-sebum gland complex. This is the most common skin disease: 85 percent of teenagers suffer from this disorder. When selecting the treatment, it is necessary to know what causes ane. At least four major factors has an influence on acne dvelopement:

  • skin sebum gland proliferation and increased sebum production,
  • increased growth of hair follicle horny layer,
  • bacteria (P. acnes) colonisation,
  • skin inflammatory reaction. ​

Recent years acne treatment has been continuously improved, became significantly more efficient and effects one or several of the above mentioned reasons.

What is unique about acne treatment in GK Clinic?

Usually acne is treated with different local and oral ( taken by mouth) anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial medications. For biggest part of patients this treatment is efficient, but usually it has some disatvantages. The most significant are those: adverse affect of medicine, bacteria resistance to medicine, long- term treatment, patient failure to follow treatment. In GK Clinic patients receive a complex treatment of acne: usual treatment is combined with laser treatment as well as Intense Pulse Light and FDT. Laser and Intense Pulse Light treatment, used in GK Clinic,is well clinically researched, effective, non-invasive and comfortable acne treatment method.

How laser and Intense Pulse Light treatment effect acne?

Laser and Intense Pulse Light affects acne photo chemically, photothermally and photoimmunologically.
The goal of photochemical treatment is to destroy bacteria (P. acnes). Bacteria P. acnes produces and accumulates porifines. Porifines absorb light energy (laser or Intense Pulse Light) and stimulates active free radicals formation. Free radicals destroy the lipids of bacteria wall membranes, so bacteria are killed.
The goal of photo thermal treatment is affect sebum gland. It reduces sebum gland size and sebum secretion, what results in acne improvement.
The goal of photoimmunological treatment is to change immune reaction to bacteria and affect the blood-vessels located near acne inflammatory skin damage. As a result of this treatment, inflammation reduces and red acne (spots) disappear.

How many procedures do I need to cure acne?

Though patients feel themselves better after the first procedure, several treatment courses, average 3 to 5 procedures, must be carried out. 3 to 4 week intervals are recommended between the procedures.

How long lasts acne laser, Intense Pulse Light and FDT procedure?

The procedure itself lasts for 15-30 minutes. FDT treatment lasts for longer period, because before the procedure special light sensitising cream is applied on the damaged skin. Since the GK Clinic is located in the centre of the city, this must be an ideal location for very busy people, who after the procedures can immediately go back to their work.

Is the procedure painful and how does the skin look after the procedure.

The procedure is not painful. Laser, Intense Pulse Light and FDT are safe methods of treatment. After the procedure skin redness may be present. Redness disappears within 12-24 hours.

What should I avoid before/after the procedure?

It is important some weeks before/after the procedure avoid direct sun (including solariums). After the procedure, during sunny period of year, sun protective cream must be applied on the skin.

Should other treatment measures be used when using laser, Intense Pulse Light and FDT treatment?

Laser, Intense Pulse and Light treatment is used as a single measure or in combination with local medication. Usually this complex treatment is combined with stem cell procedures. When combining the treatment, better and more rapid clinical acne improvement is observed.

Before                                                                  After
Gyd. Dr. Jūratė Grigaitienė

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