Anal itching

What is anal itching?

It is a chronic, intense and exhausting, sometimes painful itch in the anal area.

What are the symptoms of anal itching?

Most of the patients often report inflammation, caused by lack of hygiene, synthetic underwear, hemorrhoids, fungal or parasitic infection.

What should you do if you experience these symptoms?

You need to pay a visit to the proctologist who, during the first consultation, will find out the patient complaints, will determine the duration of the disease, its nature, if necessary, examine the anus visually, or examine the anal canal with his finger or an endoscope. Sometimes you will need additional echoscope or endoscopic examination in order to differentiate anal itching from other anal diseases.

How is anal itching treated?

First, the underlying condition is removed and anal area hygiene, bowel habits and diet adjustment, after that. Sometimes medical treatment necessary.

How do I prepare for a proctologists consultation?

You should use a clyster 2 hours prior to visiting the doctor (preferably use the repeated use one, they are sold in pharmacies).

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