Anti- Аgeing Mesotherapy Mesolifting Biorevitalisation

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a method of treatment, where special substances or compounds are administered directly to the desired areas of the body. It is not only a technique. The technique is just part of this treatment.

The author of this method is a French physician, Dr. Michel Pistor. He described this technique a half-century ago and formulated all the details of this method.

What does the word mesotherapy mean?

Mesotherapy is composed of two words: meso and therapy. Meso- (mesoderm) – is a middle germinal layer, which is the basic source of many tissue and organs, including the skin. Therapy – is treatment.

Why is it effective?

The solutions administered directly onto the desired area are more effective than those injected into muscles or veins. Because the biological action is more effective, lower doses of substances are needed, and the effect lasts longer!

These procedures are performed in our GK Clinic using special programmable new generation mesotherapy equipment – a pistol. It enables the usage of very precise dosages, and we can make injections into the same depth of skin fast and less painfully.

What medical areas is Mesotherapy most useful at?

Mesotherapy is used for many purposes – mostly aesthetic medicine and dermatology: for treatment as a prophylaxis of skin aging (to strengthen the skin and improve elasticity), correction of wrinkles, cellulite, and advanced therapy for baldness treatment.

What are the advantages of Mesotherapy?

It is not painful, and it is a fast and precise method of treatment. Small doses of substances administered directly to the desired area provide very good results.

Are you a good candidate for this procedure?

Procedures are performed in our GK Clinic by a certified specialist, who has practiced at the French Mesotherapy Society. Dr. J. Le Coz organized the mesotherapy courses.

Our GK Clinic specialist will examine you carefully, consider all the changes, and inform you about the characteristics of this procedure. You will consider the desired effects together. The doctor will select the most suitable ingridents, technique, number and frequency of treatments for you.

During the consultation, you should tell the doctor about what medications you take, if you have any autoimmune diseases, or if you use Aspirin or other drugs that might influence blood coagulation. Dont forget to tell if you have any allergies (especially for medical substances).

What is Mesolifting?

It is a special treatment for aging skin, and is used for flattening wrinkles. You skin will become more elastic, resilient, moisturized and shiny. These results are not long-term, but the procedures do not damage your skin and may be performed many times (as many times as desired). The intervals between the procedures are determined by the doctor.

What areas of the body may be treated?

Mesotherapy procedures may be applied to many zones – face, neck, décolleté, hand areas, etc.

Is it possible to combine Mesotherapy with other aesthetic procedures?

Mesotherapy may be combined with many other aesthetic or plastic procedures: plastic surgery operationslaser or IPL proceduresThermage® , Stem Cells Biotechnologies,tissue fillersbotulin toxin injections, etc. Mesotherapy has a positive effect on swelling, inflammation, microcirculation, and postoperative scars (2-3 weeks after operations).

How does it affect cellulite?

Our GK Clinic can offer you a Body Contouring Laboratory, where modern complex technologies including mesotherapy are used for cellulite treatment. It enables us to promise you much faster and more effective treatment results. Mesotherapy affects all specific cellulite formation processes. Every patient gets an individual compound of medical substances and an individual mode of treatment.

Is Mesotherapy used for treating striae?

Striae are most often formed due to pregnancy, obesity, or adrenal hormone increase. Other reasons are: puberty, steroid therapy, etc.
A complex treatment of striae is used in our GK Clinic Body Contouring Laboratory. The treatment should be administered as early as possible, while they still look pink or bright red, and before the maturation of striae, when the best results may be achieved.

Is baldness treated by mesotherapy?

Most often, the reason for baldness, especially that of androgenic origin, is sex hormone imbalance. Androgenic alopecia is a problem for men as well as women. Mesotherapy is used to prolong hair growth and development time, so the hair loss and balding is suspended. Androgenic baldness requires long treatment. Mesotherapy may be successfully combined with dermatological alopecia treatment and hair transplantation.

Are you a good candidate for this treatment?

You will have to ask our doctor. If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinicspecialists and arrange an appointment. Our doctor will decide if this procedure suits you after a short examination.


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