Anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections

It is not a secret that we age with time, and ageing affects all of our body, including the facial skin which is always exposed to direct sunlight and must withstand gravitation and constant facial muscle frictions (when we smile, chew, talk). What can we do in order to help our facial skin stay strong? Not everybody has the courage or the need to go for stem cell treatment. One of the most modern and progressive facial skin treatment methods up to date is the especially save (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections.

What Anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections are all about?

Anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections is a progressive, effective and safe method to renew your skin and improve it’s regenerative capability, the injections are called “Autocell” because the injected tissue is taken from the same patient. The result? Youthful-looking skin!

When and why are anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections prescribed?

Anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections are prescribed when the patient wants to renew his skin and as a skin ageing prophylaxis method, to prevent skin ageing. Your skin will feel better, will become more elastic, it’s texture will be improved. This method is also useful for smoothing out facial wrinkles, grooves and indentations. In some cases the method is also used to correct scars. Patients who would like an even greater rejuvenation impact, Antiageing Autocell (Trombocites autocell injections) injections are prescribed with fat transplants, i.e. their own fat injections and others aesthetic procedures.

Where are anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocells usually injected?

Most commonly this procedure is being carried out on the facial area, chest and hand areas.

How exactly are anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections are being carried out?

During this procedure a small amount of patient’s blood (usually under 30 ml) is taken and prepared in a special way to extract thrombocytes from it, later they are used to obtain the (Trombocites autocell injections) – platelet rich plasma which contains 9 times the normal blood amount of thrombocytes.

It is common knowledge, that thrombocytes circulating in your blood are not only the cause of blood clotting, but also for natural tissue regeneration, including the natural skin rejuvenation. Thrombocytes contain a number of different growth factors which start working as soon as they are activated, these play a very important role in skin and tissue rejuvenation. The growth factors released by the thrombocytes activate the natural skin stem cells, thus stimulating the patient’s skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin production and creating the rejuvenation effect.

Is this procedure painful? How long does it take?

Your facial skin will be locally anesthetized by a special cream, so you could barely feel the micro-injections. As soon as the autologic thrombocyte concentrate will be prepared, the doctor will puncture your skin with a special micro-needle and insert it in the designated areas. The average time of the procedure is approx. 45 minutes.

How will you look after the anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections?

The facial skin can be painful to touch and very sensitive, in rare cases the skin may become swollen, micro-haematomas. Whatever the case – our personnel will recommend you measures to quickly ease and get rid of the unwanted effects and symptoms.

How many anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocells procedures are recommended?

It is recommended to repeat the procedure approximately 1-2 times per year. Each case is individual so our doctor will recommend the most effective and satisfying procedure plan for you.

When is the best time to start these procedures?

It is recommended to start anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections after the age of approximately 30, so you could prevent skin ageing: wrinkles, skin tone and elasticity loss. This procedure may also be needed when special skin problems occur, i.e. dilated skin pores.

What should you avoid after the anti-ageing (Trombocites autocell injections) Autocell injections?

You should try to avoid professional peeling, laser, micro-dermabrasion, electrolysis or any other electric beauty procedures.

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