BIONUTRILIFT – global skin rejuvenation!

Unique 4D injection facial rejuvenation technique!

What the BIONUTRILIFT procedure is?
It is a unique facial skin rejuvenation procedure which not only provides the lifting effect, but also restores the skin’s volume, moisturising and nourishing it for extended periods.

During the procedure, everything is performed through a micro-canule, therefore, a single injection is sufficient to create a long-lasting 4D effect.If you want your skin to be deeply moisturized and nourished, and improve its elasticity and integrity, you can avoid multiple injections or sticking within just one procedure.

What happens in the facial skin after the procedure? What is the mechanism of action of BIONUTRILIFT?
A unique antiviral polirevitalizing complex supplies essential nutrients to the facial skin and strongly activates fibroblasts like a powerful charge.This effect leads to the smoothening and softening of fine skin wrinkles, deeply nourishing the skin, restoring its shine and increasing elasticity and firmness.

How will I look like after the procedure?
The skin is immediately rejuvenated and its condition continues to improve for another two months.Because the procedure is performed on each side of the face using a micro hole of the size of a needle, usually, you will avoid bruises or unwanted marks.

Can I have the BIONUTRILIFT procedure?
If you want to keep your skin while moisturised and nourished, improve its tone, freedom, firmness and integrity in one procedure avoiding multiple injections or sticks, this procedure is for you!

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