Breast Augmentation

Many women dream of bigger and sexier breasts. Sometimes the breasts are small or one breast is bigger than another. Sometimes wonderful and resilient breasts change after breast feeding, due to aging or after rapid weight loss. Breasts augmentation with the help of implants will enlarge Your breasts, bring them desirable form and perfect proportions…

Am I a good candidate for this operation?

During consultation You will tell the plastic surgeon about your desired size and changes of your breasts. It will help the surgeon to understand Your expectations, and determine whether You are a good candidate for this operation.

Why do You need a consultation?How to choose the implants?

Our GK Klinika plastic surgeon will examine Your breasts, consider the size, form of the breasts, quality of Your skin, condition of nipples and areolas. It is very important to inform the doctor if You had any previous breasts operations or mammography.

Plastic surgeon will inform You about all advantages and disadvantages of the operation. You will have an opportunity show and explain the desirable size and form of Your breasts. However, the doctor will individually choose Your implants and recommend You the most suitable type of the operation based on your examination findings and your personal wishes.


You should also mention what medications You take, Ypur latest operations, if You have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases for example diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology etc. You should not forget to tell about the drugs which can influence blood coagulation and if You have any allergies.

Does breasts augmentation operation requires any special preparation?

You might needto undergo mammographic or ultrasound examination . It will be decided by Your doctor during consultation.

You should lower the number of cigarettes if you smoke. It is also recommended not to use Aspirin or other drugs that might influence blood coagulation.

How is breast augmentation performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The duration is 1-2 hours. We will offer You to spend the night after the operation under observation of the specialists in GK Klinika.

Why do we recommend Hydrogel implants?

Hydrogel implants are the new generation in biotechnologies of breasts implants which changed the history of breasts augmentation operations. The most important advantages are: hydrogel has similar consistency as natural breast tissue. These bioimplants have best features of all implants ever used – elasticity of silicone implants and safety of physiological fluid filled implants. Hydrogel is a substance of natural origin and doesn‘t have any dangerous side effects.

What is recovery time for breast augmentation?

Usually You are able to go back to work in a few days. Hard physical work is not recommended for 4-6 weeks. Plastic surgeon will select You special bra which is should be worn for 6 weeks after the operation.

Are the scars visible after operation?

Depending to the operation technique the scars may be 3-5 cm in length located in natural under- breast fold or around a nipple. If the nipple area is used the scars are almost invisible.

Do the breast implants disturb breast feeding?

Breast implants do not disturb any functions of the breasts: lactation or breast feeding. It does not influence labor or breast feeding.


Before surgery                                                     After surgery
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