Children Odontology

Children’s dental treatment under general anesthesia

Do I need to treat children’s teeth caries?

Baby teeth caries treatment is necessary because untreated teeth can cause pain and infection, which can damage the permanent tooth rudiment. And this would be a very negative impact on the future of the permanent teeth.

How safe is children’s dental treatment under general anesthesia in the GK clinic?

In GK clinic expensive, extremely safe and good drugs that do not leave any side effects harmful to health are used for general children’s anesthesia. Therefore, all kids feel great after the treatment and may go home immediately.

When the children’s dental treatment under general anesthesia should be used?

We recommend to use general anesthesia when the child is very afraid to go to the doctor, and when no other treatment method is effective. It is also appropriate to use general anesthesia, when there is a lot of damaged teeth in the oral cavity, and the child suffers a lot of stress just by visiting the doctors.

Are all teeth treated?

We try to take care of all of the child’s teeth during 1 time, so that the child should be brought to the dentist only for prevention reasons. This way he gets used to the dental cabinet easier and teeth treatment will not be so scary to him.

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