CLaCS (Cryo Laser & Cryo Sclerotherapy of varicose veins

CLaCS (Cryo Laser &Cryo Sclerotherapy) is a revolutionary treatment for varicose veins and venous capillaries.

GK Klinika presents the news: synergistic laser, frost and scleroptera combined treatment with magnified image reality!

What CLaCS vein treatment method is ?

CLaCS (Cryo Laser & Cryo Sclerotherapy) is a revolutionary combination treatment of varicose veins and venous capillaries including intensive transdermal laser therapy and injectable sclerotherapy, combined with magnified image reality (special optical system) and intense skin freezing. It is a revolutionary method of treating varicose veins in both the body and the leg areas.

How is the CLaCS procedure performed?

The laser acts on the venous capillary or vein wall and causes selective photothermolysis without damaging the skin. The diameter of the venous capillary is a reduced in the very same second. After a few seconds, sclerosing substance is injected into the enlarged venous vessel. Special refrigeration equipment is used throughout the procedure. The procedure is carried out using a special magnifying and vein scanning system. With it, the doctor can clearly see even the smallest veins, nourishing capillaries and blood vessels on the skin surface.


How can a doctor see the subcutaneous nourishing veins and perform the procedure I greatly?

The procedure is performed using a special vein magnifying and scanning optical system. With it, the doctor can see even the smallest venous blood vessels that are not always visible to the naked eye. It is an optical system that helps to clearly see the veins of microscopic diameter on the surface of the skin. The system scans the venous network image with the help of special infrared sensors, then it enlarges and projects them on the surface of the skin. Such a pattern of the blood vessels on the skin surface is also called the magnified image reality.

Is the procedure painful?

A strong stream of cold air is sprayed in the treatment area during the procedure. The cold significantly reduces discomfort during treatment.

When will I see the results of the procedure?

Most often, the veins disappear within 4-6 weeks after the ClaCS treatment. Some of them disappear immediately after the treatment session. Sometimes it can take two months before the full treatment result is achieved.

Why choose a CLaCS procedure?

The results of this procedure are better than regular sclerotherapy or laser-only venous treatment, as it combines the best treatments for varicose veins and works synergistically, i.e. enhancing each other’s effects. In addition, using the magnified image reality optical system, you can treat and eliminate the supply veins with great precision. This is very important because it results in successful treatment and longevity of its outcome.

Who needs advice?

Before treatment, the specialist will review your medical history, examine your veins, their diameter, functioning of the deep leg veins, and the condition of your vein valves. He will determine your skin type, any treatment you have received, previous surgeries on venous diseases. Your doctor will evaluate the condition of your leg veins and will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you: ClaCs, laser endovascular treatment of subcutaneous veins or other treatment. For best results, it may be necessary to combine several treatment methods.

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