Complex hair loss and baldness treatment, individual treatment program creation, maintenance procedures, supportive procedures

How baldness or hair loss is treated in GK Clinic?

The physician will establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment, after the necessary diagnostic tests and their result evaluation. Combined treatment with external and (or) systemic drugs is prescribed, it can be combined with local phototherapy (PUVA or UVB 311 nm) and mesotherapy procedures, hair micro-transplantation operations. Your doctor will also advise you on how to choose the right hair care products.

How does mesotherapy affect  hair bulbs?

Mesotherapy name comes from two words: “Meso” and “therapy”. Meso – (from mesoderm) – secondary slip of the embryo, it later develops into different tissues and organs, including skin. Therapy – this treatment.

Special medication, which is biologically more active when injected near the hair bulbs and not in veins or muscle tissue. Really smaller doses of medications or  drugs are needed when injecting them  near the hairblubs, and the effect achieved is even more long-lasting and strong.
Mesotherapy helps to prolong the hair growth and development cycle, it provokes less hair loss and the baldness process is slowed. After 3-4 procedures the hair thickens, becomes stronger, the baldness process is slowed.

Is it possible to transplant hair bulbs in the bald scalp areas?

After the suspension of hair loss, Micro – Hair transplantation of single hair follicles to the bald area is possible thanks to transplanting technology. Hundreds of micro-transplants (single hair follicle or small two or three follicle groups) are transplanted during the operation, they are implanted into bald skin. They are planted in such a way that does not differ from the natural hair growth pattern. This way the natural, youthful look is restored and people can regain their self-confidence

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