Women are most concerned about the face, with the highest number of aesthetic and plastic procedures and their precious time performed on it. “But what about hands?” – You might ask. It is the hands that most often indicate our age.

We offer you a comprehensive, complex and customised hand rejuvenation!

What can tell about the age of your hands?

Most of all, the age of hands is indicated by

  • The appearance of pigments and pigment spots;
  • Reduced elasticity, wrinkled skin of the  hands;
  • Loose and excessive skin of the  hands;
  • Decrease in the soft tissue of the hands, resulting in prominent tendon and vein contours.

How do WE rejuvenate the hands?

For hand rejuvenation, we select the best combination of aesthetic procedures that will give them a youthful appearance!

Most of the  tissue fillers are used to restore the volume and youthful appearance of the hands. Sometimes it is sufficient to intensely moisturise the skin with a special long-acting hialuron or to undergo a course of redermalisation procedures. In more complicated cases, we can use the up-to-date laser systems to rejuvenate the skin of the hands and clean out the pigment. Often, the excess skin and looseness is reversed with the use of the modern Thermage® equipment.

Only an experienced specialist will choose the procedure or combination of these that provide you with the ideal result.

How is an individual, complex hand restoration plan drawn up?

Your doctor will choose the best treatment plan to suit you, after consultation and examination of your hands.

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