Correction of dynamic wrinkles by botulin toxin injections

Dynamic or mimetic wrinkles form due to the contraction of facial muscles (when you laugh, smile or contract the forehead). The more emotions you show, the more Dynamic wrinkles you get. But now you are able to make them invisible. Now these wrinkles can be smoothened or completely removed using special substances.

This procedure – dynamic wrinkles correction using injectable preparations – is a cosmetic denervation of some facial muscles. The procedure is performed using preparation of botulinum toxin. This preparation is injected into the area of dynamic wrinkles (anserine legs, wrinkles of forehead, wrinkles of worry at the bridge of nose and other.)

How do injections of botulinum toxin function?

The active substance of preparation – botulinum toxin – blocks nervous impulses in facial dynamic muscles. Therefore, these dynamic muscles relax and do not contract. The skin over these muscles remains smooth, and wrinkles disappear following this procedure. Meanwhile, the other facial muscles are active as before, therefore the general facial expression remains unchanged.

When should botulinum toxin preparations be injected?

The preparations of Botulinum toxin should be injected when dynamic wrinkles are not very deep. Then the skin is unwrinkled to zero level and do not deepen. In the case of furrows Butulinum toxin alone may not be sufficient. Then you will be recommended by the specialist additional tissue fillersfat injectionsfractional FRAXEL® laser skin treatment and other.

It should be injected not only for correction of dynamic wrinkles, but for preventive purpose too!

Is the treatment using preparations of Botulin toxin safe?

The preparations of Botulinum toxin (a preparation with a brand name DYSPORT is used in Lithuania now) is used to treat many ophthalmologic and neurologic diseases safely and effectively for more than decade. Every year thousands of patients use this method of treatment. So it quickly became very popular method to correct visible signs of aging.

The injections of Botulinum toxin mean:

  • long-termeffect;
  • minimumdiscomfort;
  • no side effects;
  • fast return to your job.

What kind of treatment method is it?

Cosmetic denervation of facial dynamic muscles using preparation of Botulinum toxin is a quick and safe procedure. Very small amount of preparation is preciselyinjected into some marked areas using a very tiny micro-needle. Since the needle is very tiny and narrow, and the amount of the preparation is very small, the pain is almost inappreciable. Most patients describe it as a bite of mosquito.

Are there any additional recommendations following procedure of injection of Botulinum toxin?

One should not go to bed, push or rub the sites of injection for 6-7 hours following injection of Botulinum toxin. Bathhouse and solarium are not recommended one week following the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

In very rare cases the preparation may effuse and migrate to other regions and result the weakness of the muscles. To avoid this you should strictly follow the instructions of the doctor following the procedure. Since these side effects are fully reversible, they are short-term and last only for some weeks.

What the results of treatment may I expect?

If dynamic wrinkles make you look older than you are, cosmetic denervation will make them smoother and you look considerably younger and nicer. Additionally, during the period when dynamic muscles do not contract, these dynamic wrinkles will not become deeper.

Is it possible to correct all facial wrinkles using Botulinum toxin?

This procedure will not help to correct the wrinkles that originated due to the effect of sunlight, UV rays, change of the tissue or that are not related to dynamic wrinkles. These injections will not correct tissue sagging, tissue looseness and will not replace facelift and forehead lift operations.

In every individual case our specialist will recommend tissue fillersauto-fat injectionsfractional   FRAXEL®laser skin tretment , Thermage® and other.

How long does the effect of Botulinum toxin last?

Unfortunately, the effect of preparations of Botulinum toxin on dynamic wrinkles is temporal. The effect of the preparation, injected for the first time lasts for 12 months. The effect of repeated injection last approximately 6 months on average. Clinical trials revealed that the effect lasts longer when the preparation is injected for a long period of time, so you will have to repeat this procedure rarely.

What are other purposes of usage of the preparations of Botulinum toxin?

The preparation is successfully used to treat increased sweating (hands, armpits), blepharospasms, nervous ocular tics, and migraine headaches.
How should I know if I am a good candidate for injections of Botulinum toxin?

Please, ask our doctor.


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After (Dr. Gytė Grigonytė-Babajan)


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