Depigmentational treatment

Our GK Clinic offers full treatment of different pigment skin formations with combinations of: different laser and intensive pulse light, medicine and special whitening cosmetic treatment methods.

This comprehensive depigmentation skin treatment not only removes the unwanted skin pigment formations, but also prevents their formation.

What are “skin pigment formations” ?

Skin melanocyte cells produce the skin pigment melanin. When there are too much melanocytes in the pigmented skin formations appear. That’s how, brown age spots, moles, lentiginose appear.

Birthmarks – it is first necessary to examine them during a SIAscopy, which is the most modern testing method in the world, to this day;
Lentiginose – flat, brown spots that appeared after repeated exposure to sunlight;
Keratosis – small raised pigmented spots that often appear on back and hand skin;
Slags, freckles – brownish spots, common to people with light skin, and others.

Do you need additional pigmented skin formation examinations?

Suspicious moles and other skin pigment formations must be investigated during SIAscopy. This study aims to help determine which skin formations should be removed and how.

How are pigment skin formations removed?

Pigmented skin formations can be easily removed by modern advanced lasers or intense pulse light. Sometimes, a number of different wavelength lasers have to be combined in order to get a good result, sometimes lasers are combined with intense pulsed light treatment equipment. These systems emit a specific ray length light waves, which are absorbed by the skin pigment. When the beam passes through the skin it’s absorbed by areas with increased levels of skin pigment melanin – and then it turns pale, and is completely removed. The surrounding skin remains intact and untouched.

VERY IMPORTANT! Lasers and intense pulse light are not used to cure melanoma and some other malignant skin lesions. If such diseases are suspected, your doctor will make tell you about other treatment options and methods.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

Nearly all the pigment formations are treated during the first treatment session. If the formation is very large, you may need several treatment sessions.

May the pigmentation recur in the same place?

Usually pigment formations do-not re-appear at the same place. However, some people, whose skin has increased pigmentation tendency the pigment may re-occur elsewhere. In such cases GK clinic prescribes additional combined therapy.

What postoperative treatment is required after the depigmentation treatment?

Since many of pigmented skin formations appear because of the excessive exposure to sunlight, it is necessary to use sunscreen. Your doctor will advise you what the cream with what SPF factor you should choose. The best solution are complex protection creams that protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays (to contain zinc, or (and) titanium oxide) such creams are water resistant, suitable for allergic skin and children.

Our specialist will prescribe additional medicamental treatment or special whitening cosmetic medicaments if needed.

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