You probably heard the saying: “you are what you eat”. Scientific studies have shown that it really is true. People with overweight not only looks older than his peers, but suffer from chronic diseases more often.
Proper nutrition can slow the aging effect of our body: you will feel better and look nicer. In addition, changing eating habits helps your body to overcome existing problems and prevent many diseases in the future. You do not have to suffer from diseases: the food is the most powerful drug you are taking. Therefore, be sure that you are taking it correctly.

Why do you need a consultation?

An effective , health-improving program which will reflect your needs, can be created only after an assessment of your health condition during an individual consultation. Our GK Clinic nutritionist will advise you on research based balanced nutrition. She will help you to choose a real, superable weight loss program and gradually achieve the desired weight. You’ll learn how to maintain this weight, to prevent it from changing, to choose the right foods and work with your body rather than against it.

Our GK clinic has a BODY MODELING LABORATORY, where, with the help of the most modern complex technologies, you will get an individual body development plan and you will begin your consistent, multi-phase BODY MODELING PROGRAM.

Who do we recommend to consult with a dietician?

The consultations will be useful for people with overweight, obese people, people with increased blood pressure, diabetes, raised cholesterol and triglycerides, cellulite, digestive disorders, osteoporosis, menopause, people experiencing energy shortages and healthy people, who wonder what to eat, to minimize the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

How does the first consultation with the dietician look like?

During the first consultation, your dietary habits, disease and individual needs are discussed and evaluated, then your individual nutrition program is created.

Nutrition recommendations are given along with the individual nutrition plan which includes a list of food to be avoided and the list of products which should be used and, if necessary, laboratory tests are made. The principles of a balanced diet and lifestyle modification are explained and physical activity program is selected.

If necessary, vitamins and (or) other food supplements and drugs to treat obesity are selected.

What’s an “individual nutrition plan” and how it is created?

Depending on your needs and health status, a nutritional program that fits you best is selected, and advice on sugar, alcohol, fiber consumption are given:

Weight-loss and proper nutrition plan: individual, flexible seven-day menu with the pre-planned day schedule.

Special diets: for people with diabetes, no-salt diets for people with increased blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering diet and so on.

Proper nutrition plan: flexible meal plans, which allows you to select your favorite products without exceeding the recommended daily amount of calories. You will learn what food should be avoided, in order not to increase weight, prevent atherosclerosis, cancer and other chronic diseases.

We also offer the 3-6 month effective individual weight-loss program with a visit to a dietician once a month.

What makes a computer examination performed at GK clinic special, and what do we determine during it’s course?

Dietician, with the help of computer program, can determine:

  • Your Body Mass Index: Your weight is too low, normal, too high?
  • your ideal body weight and recommended weight based on your age, occupation and other factors.
  • Individual daily energy needs: How many calories do you need?
  • The risk of developing other diseases (eg cardiovascular), including a blood test.
  • The period during which you will reach the desired weight.
  • Daily calorie deficit to reach the desired weight.
  • Detailed nutritional analysis.

Is there a need for a repeated dietician consultation?

Repeated consultation recommended in a 8-week period to evaluate your progress and, if necessary, correct the nutrition plan. During this meeting we discuss how did your habits change and evaluate their impact on your health. Further correction of dietary habits, behavior changes are discussed and diagnostic tests are run if necessary. The individual dietary plan is drawn again if there is a necessity for that.

If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation.

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