Ear Surgery

There are a lot of different plastic operations for ear abnormalities.
One of the most common operations is correction of protruding ear(s).

Ear surgery is recommended for children at age of five or six, before the secondary school. It will help them eliminate psychological trauma. About 90 percent of all ear surgery are done in early age. Protruding ear can be due to different a reason that’s why the operation itself could be very simple or very complicated one.

Do you need a consultation?

During the consultation, a plastic surgeon at GK Clinic will inspect your ears, consider the size and shape. During the consultation, you will tell the plastic surgeon what you would like to change and what results you would like to achieve with the surgery. This will help the plastic surgeon understand your expectations, and to choose the best operation technique.

You should also mention what medications you take, your recent operations, if you have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology, etc. You should not forget to talk about taking any drugs which can diminish blood coagulation and if you have any allergies.

How is ear surgery performed?

Usually the operation is performed under local anesthesia. It lasts for an hour or two.  During the operation the excessive skin placed behind the ears is removed and ear cartilage is reshaped. The incisions are placed in natural skin crease behind the ears.
You may be able to return back home the same day after the operation, or you can stay   under the observation of the GK Clinic specialists for one day.

What is the recovery time for ear surgery?

After surgey you will be instructed to wear circular bandage up to three weeks to hold ears in their new position. Two  months it is recommended to wear elastic band to cover the ears at night during sleep. Several weeks after surgery we recommend to avoid  straining, lifting or other activity and to protect your ears from  any traumas.

Are the scars easily observed after the operation?

The scars are hardly ever observed, because incisions are hidden within the natural skin fold behind the ears.

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