Endovascular laser treatment of subcutaneous varicose veins utaneous varicose veins

GK clinic started to apply one of the most modern venous leg veins laser treatment methods in the world of. This unique method allows to apply a powerful endovascular laser instead of a previously mentioned conventional surgery.

What is Endovascular laser treatment of leg varicose veins?

This is the most modern type of leg varicose vein treatment based on the sophisticated laser technology. During this surgery, laser energy, with the help of a unique optic fiber, erodes the walls of the vein from the inside, thus the vein is being destroyed. This progressive technology is already used for 10 years in the world.

What is unique about the GK clinic’s endovascular laser leg vein treatment?

What are this method’s advantages over the standard surgery?

  • Good clinical effect (97% of patients  are treated in a single procedure).
  • Excellent cosmetic effect (no cuts – no seams – no scars).
  • The surgery is performed under local anesthesia (the patient can go home immediately after the operation).
  • No special patient preparation.
  • Easy postoperative period (patient fell almost no pain, minimal bruising or swelling of the feet).
  • The patient does not lose the ability to work (he can walk and do light physical work immediately after the operation).

Why do you need a consultation? Do you need special preparation before laser leg vein surgery?

Prior to the treatment, our specialist will review your medical history, examine your veins, determine their diameter, examine how the deep veins are working and will inspect the condition of your venous valves. All of the patients have a ultrasound double scanning test before the surgery.

You should tell our doctor what leg vein treatment have you had. The doctor will evaluate the condition of your leg veins and will recommend you the proper treatment: endovascular laser leg vein treatment, surface leg vein capillaries correction, intense pulse light, vein sclerotherapy, vein surgical treatment, or a combination of these methods.

How do you know whether this treatment is right for you?

Ask our doctors. If you have any questions, please call our GK Clinic Tel. 255 33 53 to arrange for a private doctor’s consultation. After a brief examination the doctor will decide if this treatment is right for you.

How is endovascular laser leg varicose vein therapy implemented?

During the operation large varicose or small subcutaneous varicose vein is punctured. Then the lasers optical fiber is inserted in the varicose vein through the puncture. With the help of ultrasonic control, chilled anesthetic liquid is injected, an “anesthetic bag” is created around the vein, which, in addition to pain relief, protects surrounding tissue from thermal effects. The laser beam destroys the vein and the “locks”, or collapses the varicose vein throughout its length, as the doctor is slowly pulling out the optical fiber. At a later period, the destroyed vein is absorbed.

What other treatment methods may be combined with leg vein laser treatment?

Together with the endovascular laser varicose leg vein treatment, you can successfully go for surface leg venous capillary correction laser treatment, intense pulse light, or sclerotherapy.

How does the recovery process look like? Will you need special care?

Due to the fact that the “laser” surgery is performed under local anesthesia, the subcutaneous veins are pulled up the stem, without damage to the surrounding tissues – this reduces the likelihood of postoperative pain, causes minimal bruising. The patient can leave the hospital immediately after surgery and even can do light physical work at the same day. Compression therapy is prescribed for 1 month, and anticoagulants are prescribed for 6 days after the surgery

If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation.

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