Eyelid Surgery

The skin of eyelids is most sensitive and thinnest around the face. This area mostly gives out our age and habits of life. The number of wrinkles at this area especially grows with age, skin lowering- bags under the eyes appear.
Eyelids surgery can “open“ the eyes, remove undesirable bags and excessive skin under the eyes resulting in obviously younger looking you.

Am I a good candidate for this operation?

During the consultation you will tell the plastic surgeon what would you like to change and what results you would like to achieve with surgery. This will help the plastic surgeon to understand  your expectations, and determine whether You are a good candidate for this operation.

We recommend this operation if:
– excess skin covers natural fold of upper eyelids;
– excess of upper eyelid skin covers the eye and disturbs Your sight;
– Your upper eyelids look puffy, making eyes look tired ;
– You have excessive skin and bags under the eyes.

Why do You need a consultation?

Our GK Klinika plastic surgeon will examine Your eyelids, consider their size, form, skin quality and excess. It is very important to inform the doctor if You had any other operations of eyes or eyelids. Plastic surgeon will inform You of all the advantages and disadvantages of this operation. Together You will discuss desirable results.

You should also mention what medications You take, latest operations, if You have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases for example diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology etc. You should not forget to tell about the drugs which can influence blood coagulation and if You have any allergies.
You should also tell the surgeon if You wear contact lenses or have any problems with Your eyes (have You ever suffered from „Dry eye“syndrome?).

Does eyelids surgery requires any special preparation?

You should lower the number of cigarettes if you smoke. It is also recommended not to use Aspirin or other drugs that might influence coagulation.

How is eyelid surgery performed?

Operation is performed under local or  general anesthesia. It lasts for an hour.


During the upper lids operation an incision is hidden within the natural fold of the upper eyelid. This incision is used to remove the excess of the skin and fatty tissue. The resulting scar is invisible as it is located in the natural eyelid fold.

During the lower eyelid operation skin incision is done just under the lower lashes or inner part of the eyelid (the conjunctivae side).  Therefore the resulting scars are invisible.

Laser or other skin renewal procedures are often used for lower lid skin tightening.

What is recovery time for eyelid surgery?

Usually You can return home on the same day after the operation. The cold therapy at the operated area is recommended for 24 hours for decreasing the swelling and bruises. Contact lenses are not recommended for one week after the operation.

Are the scars visible after this operation?

Usually the scars are hardly observed.

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