Face and neck contour correction with Happy Lift™ sutures

What Happy Lift™ Suture is?

The Happy Lift™ procedure uses the patented, high-quality Promo Italy polylactic acid sutures. This is a safe and effective procedure producing subtle and highly naturally looking results. The procedure allows for restoration of the youthful facial contour, returning of sagging tissues to their previous position, and providing rested and relaxed appearance for the face! This is an innovative, minimally invasive procedure for the weekend with results that are very similar to regular facial skin lifting.

Happy Lift™ sutures are particularly suitable for:

  • Lifting asymmetric eyebrows;
  • Restoring and lifting saggy jowls;
  • Stretching soft tissues and cheeks in the middle and lower facial area;
  • Contouring the neck.

How is the procedure performed?

Very thin polylactic acid medical sutures with tiny hooks are used for the Happy Lift™ suture procedure. They are made of patented material that stretches and retains the sagged areas of ​​the eyebrows, cheeks, face and neck in place. The sutures are lined up in the precisely defined areas using a needle or through a very tiny incision of 1-2 mm. The hooks are introduced under the skin and open up according to the umbrella principle, to form a supporting structure that stretches and contours the tissues. Tissues are lifted to a more vertical and youthful position.

What are the sutures with “hooks”?

Unlike conventional sutures that are smooth, Happy Lift™ has tiny hair-thin hooks along the base. They have been developed after extensive research and have the most effective, geometrically proven “hook” design in the world. Sutures are produced in a strictly regulated company that has been developing and manufacturing the state of the art medical products for the last 25 years.

How does the suture looks like? Is it visible under the skin?

Unlike other polypropylene sutures, the Happy Lift™ sutures are transparent, very thin, and invisible under the light shaded or thin skin.

How does Happy Lift™ work?

Your doctor will make a small needle cut, or a 2 mm incision, and lay the suture in accordance with the preliminary scheme. The sutures are later firmly attached to the tissue beneath the skin without causing any additional trauma. Hooks help keep the suture exactly in place. While sutures are dissolving over time, polylactic acid intensively stimulates the production of new collagen, and new collagen fibers begin to form around each suture. It is due to the intensive production of new collagen that the contours of the face will eventually change.

Is the procedure painful?

You will be given local anaesthesia during the procedure and you may be offered light general anaesthesia. Usually patients say the “worst part” of procedure is local anaesthesia.

Is the Happy Lift™ procedure safe?

The procedure is very safe when performed by an experienced physician.

How many procedures may I need?

Usually, one procedure is sufficient to contour your face or neck.

How long does the Happy Lift™ procedure last?

Usually this procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and lasts for 30 – 90 minutes. Patients can go home after the procedure. It is advisable that you are taken home by your friends.

What care is needed after the procedure?

After the procedure we recommend to follow some practical instructions and care, in order to help keep sutures in place to prevent them from moving. We will advise you to avoid intensive facial rubbing (massage), strong active movements, sleeping on your side, so that your face does not touch the pillow, avoid wide mouth opening (e.g. apple eating, yawning) and some exercises. We will explain these recommendations to you more broadly during the visit.

When can I go back to work or engage in other activities?

You can return to work in 2-3 days after the procedure.

How long this the effect after Happy Lift™ suture procedure last?

Depending on the age of the patient, the degree of skin sagation, the amount of suture used and the experience of doctors, the suture retains its properties for up to five years. Happy Lift™ sutures completely dissolve over time.

What are the possible side effects?

The procedure is absolutely safe and complications are very rare. After the procedure, you can experience some swelling, bruising, and skin bumps. In some cases, you may feel a certain tension or in some cases may feel the suture itself. These minor side effects will subside over time. Because the methodology is reversible, unwanted side effects usually can be easily corrected.

Can HAPPY LIFT™ sutures be combined with other aesthetic procedures?

Happy Lift™ procedure can be combined with botulinum toxin procedures, facial skin fillers, fractional skin resurfacing with Fraxel® laser and other innovative aesthetic procedures.

What results will I see?

The effect is immediately visible. The contours after the procedure continue to improve for several months. Usually the final result can be seen after 2-3 months.

Will I be able later to perform normal facial skin stretching, or brow lift?

Due to the unique structure, the sutures completely dissolve over years. Therefore, there are no obstacles in the future to perform a traditional surgical facial stretching or eyebrow lift.

Is the Happy Lift™ procedure right for you?

If you do not perform surgical facial stretching or eyebrow lift, or it is too early, then Happy Lift™ procedure is ideal for you! It is an ideal procedure for patients with moderate sagging of soft tissues of the eyebrows, jowls and neck.

In our GK Kinika the plastic surgery specialist will ask you to show and tell what specific results you would expect. This will help the plastic surgeon to better understand and evaluate your preferences and to advise you whether this procedure is right for you.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate your skin thickness, elasticity, excessive skin, drooping, wrinkle depth and other factors that are important for the plan and the scope of the procedure.

During the consultation you should indicate if you are taking any medications, what surgeries you have had, any elevated blood pressure, history of diabetes, thyroid disease, taking aspirin or any other blood clotting medicines. Do not forget to tell if you have any allergy to medicines.



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