Face contour formation with the help of tissue fillers

A lot of people want a little fuller, rounder chin… Or maybe you would like more prominent, youthfully-looking cheeks? A small professional touch can dramatically change your overall appearance.

One of the solutions is injectable facial contour forming medicine:

  • Great effect;
  • Minimal discomfort;
  • Very few side effects;
  • You can immediately return to work or other activities.

Tissue fillers can subtly shape the contours of your face: round off chin sharpness, return youthful fullness and roundness to your cheeks.

In our GK Clinic you can choose different brand-name company tissue fillers:

  •  Hyaluronic acid: PERLANE, Juvederm Ultra;
  • Semi-synthetic tissue fillers (made from hyaluronic acid and acrylic hydrogel – DERMADEEP).

How do these tissue fillers work?

Tissue filler is injected under the skin and rise the contour until it gives the required shape to the area where it is applied.

Is this procedure safe?

Tissue fillers are safely and effectively used for more that ten years in Lithuania. They can not only adjust the form of your face (highlight the cheekbones or chin, embellish their form), but also – to soften or even straighten out some of the facial wrinkles (for example: tissue fillers are particularly suitable for treating wrinkles going from the nose in the direction of the lip’s edge). Tissue fillers can thicken your lips and correct their form. Every year, thousands of patients choose this treatment method.

What’s the difference between different tissue fillers?

In our GK Clinic you can choose different brand-name company tissue fillers:

  •  Hyaluronic acid: PERLANE, Juvederm Ultra;
  • Semi-synthetic tissue fillers (made from hyaluronic acid and acrylic hydrogel – DERMADEEP).

All of the fillers, used in GK clinic are non-animal origin fillers.

Hyaluronic acid fillers – consisting of hyaluronic acid (many of our body tissues contain it, e.g., cartilage, ligaments, etc..). They are more natural to our body, but are decomposed and removed from the body faster (the effect lasts for about 6-7 months, depending on the manufacturer).

Semi-synthetic tissue fillers (DERMADEEP) – consisting of hyaluronic acid and non-resorbant acrylic hydrogel particles. Due to this composition, the human body cannot decompose and remove the medicine as fast as the other types (the effect lasts up to several years).

Why do you need consulting?

In our GK Clinic, you will be examined by a plastic specialist, he will introduce you to all of the features of this procedure. Together, you will discuss the desired effects. Each time our specialists will individually help you to choose the right and suitable tissue fillers, you will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every possible decision.

During the consultation, you will need to specify the medicine you are currently taking, and answer some questions, like: do you have (or had in the past) any form of herpes, do you have a tendency to hypertrophic scars, do you suffer from autoimmune diseases. The doctor will probably want to know are you taking aspirin or other medications which can affect blood-clotting and will ask what medicine-related allergies do you have.

What does the process of facial contour formation with injectables look like?

Special tissue filler gel is injected under the skin or in it’s deep layers. With these injections the plastic surgery specialist will subtly adjust your facial contours to the desired result. The results are visible immediately!

Is it a painful procedure?

Generally, your skin will be anaesthetized with a special skin-cream, so it would cause minimal discomfort.

Are there any side effects following the formation of facial contours?

Sometimes the are of injection may be as far as swelling, some redness may occur, the area may be itchy, or feel a little stretched after the procedure. Typically, these feelings disappear after a few days. In order to avoid these symptoms strictly follow your doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

How do you know whether this procedure is right for you?

Ask our doctors. If you have any questions, please call our GK Clinic Tel. 2553353 to arrange a private doctor’s consultation. After a brief examination the doctor will decide if this treatment is right for you.

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