Aging is a natural biological process determined by nature. It‘s especially triggered by UV radiation abuse (sun burning, solarium), smoking, skin dehydration, stress, fast loss of weight, etc.

Facelift operations used to be the privilege of rich and famous, movie and music stars. Today Facelift or Rhitidectomy is accessible to everyone. It is one of the most popular and also one of the most difficult aesthetic operation in the world that can turn the clock backward…
Facelift is performed to lift the lower part of the face, flatten the wrinkles and restorer the contours of neck and face.

Am I a good candidate for this operation?

During the consultation you will tell the plastic surgeon what would you like to change and what results you would like to achieve with surgery. This will help the plastic surgeon to understand your expectations, and determine whether You are a good candidate for this operation.

We recommend this operation if:

  • You have deep wrinkle running from nose to lip corner with the looseness of cheek‘s skin;
  • There is clear looseness of the skin and soft tissue at the area of lower jaw and there is no clear youthful contour seen;
  • There are deep wrinkles accompanied by looseness of skin and soft tissues at the cheek‘s area;
  • There are wrinkles and fat and/or skin excess in the neck.


Why do You need a consultation?

Our GK Klinika plastic surgeon will ask you to show and explain exactly what you would like to change.
During the consultation plastic surgeon will consider the thickness, elasticity, the excess and looseness of Your skin, depth of the wrinkles and other factors that might influence the extent of the operation.
You should also mention what mediccations You take, latest operations that You had, if You have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases for example diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology etc. You should not forget to tell about the drugs which can influence coagulation and if You have any allergies..

Is it possible to perform any other operations or procedures in addition to a facelift?

Other operations and procedures could be done in addition to face lifting, to enhance the results. Your options will be discussed during your consultation with the plastic surgeon. For example, face lifting is often combined with upper and lower eyelid surgery, forehead lift, fractional skin resurfacing or other procedures. It may have a supplementary effect when combined with face lifting operation.
Combined treatment (with other operations or inoperative methods) always gives better effect.

Does facelift requires any special preparation?

You should lower the number of cigarettes if you smoke. It is also recommended not to use Aspirin or other drugs that might influence coagulation.
You should warn Your doctor if You are planning to loose weight because this may contribute to extra excess of the skin. The operation is recommended after weight stabilization.
The specialist can recommend You different modern non- operative procedures to support the effect of the operation.

How a facelift is performed?

According to individual features plastic surgeon will choose the best surgical method and technique of the operation to fit your individual needs and achieve best results.

Operation is performed under general anesthesia. It usually lasts 4-6 hours depending from the extent of the operation and concomitant operations or procedures. You will have to spend the night after the operation under observation of the specialists in GK Klinika.

Are the scars visible after this operation?

Tissues will be swollen right after the operation. The pain is minimal as it is relieved with special medicine. Few days after the operation some sutures will be removed and special plasters will be applied.

Recovering goes step-by-step.

The surgeon will recommend you special bandage after the operation.
Few weeks later You will feel comfortable and will be able to use usual make-up. You will be able to go for sports just after one month.

How long does the effect last?

Due to natural and skin aging process the effect will last for 10-15 years.

How can You prolong the effect of face lifting operation?

For longer effect you should consult your GK Klinika specialists on time. They can select an individual Anti- Aging program. This program includes the newest medical anti- aging technologies as well as usual procedures (Thermage®, Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Aesthetic Procedures with Stem Cells, Laser Face Rejuvenation, Photorejuvenation and many others). It will stop the aging process and protect Your skin from undesirable changes.

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