Forehead Lift

Forehead lift operations are recommended for correction of aging processes at the upper part of the face. Operation is also suitable for young people when correction is needed for congenital anatomic variations: low forehead, low eyebrow set, very deep forehead wrinkles etc.

Am I a good candidate for this operation?

During the consultation you will tell the plastic surgeon what would you like to change and what results you would like to achieve with surgery. This will help the plastic surgeon to understand your expectations, and determine whether You are a good candidate for this operation.

We recommend this operation if:
– You have low eyebrow set, down set upper eyelids, resulting in sad and tired face expression;
– Clearly expressed horizontal wrinkles and looseness of the skin;
– Deep wrinkles and loose skin in the bridge, between the eyebrows, at the nose basis, accompanied by horizontal wrinkles and looseness of the skin.

Why do You need a consultation?

Our plastic surgeon will ask you to show and explain what exactly you would like to change. During the consultation plastic surgeon will consider skin thickness, elasticity, the excess and looseness of Your skin, depth of the wrinkles and other factors that might influence the extent of the operation.

You should also mention what medications You take, latest operations, if You have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases for example diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology.

You should not forget to tell about the drugs which can influence coagulation and if You have any allergies.

Is it possible to perform any other operations or procedures in addition to a forehead lift?

Other operations and procedures could be done in addition to forehead lifting, to enhance the results. Your options will be discussed during your consultation with the plastic surgeon. For example, forehead lifting is often combined with face lifting, upper and lower eyelid surgery, Thermage®, fractional skin resurfacing or other procedures. It can have a supplementary effect to forehead lifting operation results.

Combined treatment (with other operations or inoperative methods) always gives better effect.

Does forehead lift operation require any special preparation?

You should lower the number of cigarettes if you smoke. It is also recommended not to use Aspirin or other drugs that might influence blood coagulation.

The specialist can recommend You different modern non-operative procedures to support the effect of the operation.

How is forehead lift performed?

According to individual features plastic surgeon will choose the best surgical method and technique of the operation to fit Your individual needs and to achieve best results. Usually this operation is performed traditional way making the incision within the hair.

Operation is performed under general anesthesia. The duration is 1-2 hours depending from the extent of the operation and concomitant operations or procedures. You will have to spend the night after the operation under observation of the specialists in our GK Klinika.

Are the scars visible after this operation?

Despite the fact that operation is performed on the most visible forehead area the scars are not easily visible because the incisions are made within the hair, in scalp area.

What is recovery time for forehead lift?

Tissues will be swollen right after the operation. The pain is minimal as it is relieved with special medicine. Sometime at the upper part of the head You can feel itching.
Few weeks later You will be able to go back to work.

How can You prolong the effect of forehead lift operation?

For longer effect you should consult your GK Klinika specialists on time. They can select an individual Anti- Aging program. This program includes the newest medical anti- aging technologies as well as usual procedures (Thermage®,Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Aesthetic Procedures with Stem Cells, Laser Face RejuvenationPhotorejuvenation and many others). It will stop the aging process and protect Your skin from undesirable changes.

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