Hair micro transplantation: FUT and GK FUE Hair Transplantation

While approaching the beautiful 50th anniversary, about half of all men and women complain because of different levels of baldness. The most common source of it is genetically inherited hair loss, but it may be caused by a number of dermatological diseases. Micro hair transplantation technique – is a very precise, through, technique which combines both plastic surgery and the hair transplantation art. Thanks to it, it is possible to transplant single hair follicle transplants into bald areas. In this way, the natural, youthful appearance is restored, and people recovered self-confidence.


Is this surgery right for you?

During the consultation with the plastic surgeon , you should tell him the results you want to achieve and what would you like to change . This will help the plastic surgeon to better understand and evaluate your desires and to advise on whether this operation is the right one for you.

During the consultation, the hair specialist will assess the hair donor area, and see if there is the sufficient quantity and density of hair for transplantation.

Why do you need consultations?

Our GK clinic plastic specialist will examine your hair loss problem areas. Our plastic surgeon will provide you with all the pros and cons of surgery, and in each case will determine the most suitable method of operation, or combinations of them, and the intervals between them.

In most cases, the plastic surgeons decision is accompanied by a dermatologist (trichologist) advice, he will assess the condition of your hair, hair follicles, viability of hair and the nature of the cause, other skin diseases and conditions that may affect baldness.

Do I need special preparation before hair transplantation?

Sometimes you may need to undertake certain additional procedures before the transplantation. It will be decided by a plastic surgeon during the consultation.

If you smoke, you need to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke before the operation. It is recommended not to use aspirin and other drugs which reduce blood clotting before surgery.

How will it work?

The operation takes place under local anesthesia. It may be done differently, depending on the quantity of one’s transplant hair during the procedure. Hundreds of micro-transplants (single hair follicle or two or three small groups of follicles) are transplanted during the operation, they are implanted into bald skin. They are planted in such a way that does not differ from the natural hair growth pattern.

After surgery, you can immediately go home or we can offer you to stay in our GK clinic until the next morning for professional care.

What does recovery look like, do I need special care?

Usually, you can return to work you’ll in a few days. The transplanted hair falls out after about four-six weeks after surgery, and then, the new hair grows back during approximately three months.

Do you need only one transplant session?

Usually one session of hair transplantation is not enough. For thick hair, a few transplant procedures are required.

Are the transplantation scars in the donor area visible?

Transplantation procedure leaves almost invisible scars in the donor area.

How to maintain the resulting effect?

After the hair transplantation, the plastic surgeon will recommend you a range of supportive measures (eg, mesotherapy) to improve and maintain the effect of the operation.

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