Hair testing for disease causing fungus

How does the fungus affected hair look like?

Hair fungal diseases are more common in childhood. If your hair is infected by fungus, scalp skin peeling (dandruff) may occur, the skin is red, you may have areas with thinned hair or have hair falling out.

How is hair fungus diagnosed?

When the above mentioned changes occur, microscopic examination of hair and hair tests with Vudo lamp lighting are carried out. Under the Vudo lamp light, some fungus glow a certain color and it makes it possible to suspect a fungal disease and the species of the fungus, but this study does not provide a reliable diagnosis. Microscopic study of hair shows the fungal spores and mycelium. However, this study cannot determine the type of fungus, so it is recommended to perform a seeding (platting) to choose the proper treatment

When should you start treating hair fungus?

It is recommended to start hair fungus treatment as early as possible. Hair fungal diseases are usually treated not only with local, but also with systemic anti-fungal medications.

Is there a need for additional tests before starting anti-fungal medication treatment?

It is recommended to perform some blood tests.

How is hair fungus treated in GK Clinic?

Our GK clinic dermatologists examine the  damaged scalp area, and perform the microscopic examination and the seeding. For your convenience, you can take the necessary blood tests in out clinic. The dermatovenereologist will choose the appropriate treatment after evaluating the test results.

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