Innovative “perfect body sculpting” system

Our GK Clinic is proud to present it’s BODY MODELING LABORATORY, where our doctors will use state of the art complex technologies to create your personal step-by-step multi-stage BODY MODELING PROGRAM :

  • Cellulite treatments;
  • Harmonious perfect body shape forming;
  • Stretch marks treatment;
  • Body contour improvement after plastic surgery ;
  • Physical modeling, with or after weight-loss programs;
  • Special programs for sportsmen, during rehabilitation period or after injury, and others.

GK Clinic BODY MODELING LABORATORY has the unique body shape forming system. By now it’s the only professional system of this type, used to treat cellulite and form body shape, in the world. The system’s effectiveness has been clinically proven.


  • exactly determine the weight, body mass index, obesity, excess body fat excess, in a computerized manner;
  • determine your best nutrition and diet, the type of food you should eat and “prohibited products” with the help of modern immunological blood examination,
  • prepare your body for weight-loss procedures (fat breakdown activating procedures) in a comprehensive and systematic manner;
  • conduct professional BODY SCULPTING procedures, which are a part of a new generation of professional medical system with no analogue in the world;
  • In addition, integrated anti-cellulite, body contour correcting mesotherapy;
  • help your skin to renew itself, get new contours, become firm and get in shape, with the help of exclusive cosmetic procedures (detoxification, firming, rejuvenation lines);
  • Professionally coordinate the advanced body contour formation methods with LipoCryo® – dissolving fat with cold, laser lipolysis, liposuction and abdominal plastic operations;
  • Propose long-term supportive programs for the simulation of body contouring procedures and plastic weight-loss operations (laser lipolysis, liposuction, abdominal wall plastic surgery).

GK clinic body contour formation system is the global leader in the in the field of professional medical treatment of cellulite and body contouring shaping!

How does the GK clinic contour formation system work?

This system – operates on the principle of combined technologies:

  • Bi – polar radio frequency waves with
  • pulsed magnetic fields (MP)² technology
  • with the new VariPulse™ technology
  • All of It provide a unique complex performance!

What is unique about this system?

It is unique because each component of the system is active alone by itself and in conjunction with others, amplifying each other’s effects. It strongly increases the efficiency of the system and it takes much less procedures, compared with conventional cosmetic equipment. It’s effectiveness is proven by clinic medical studies.

What’s going on in the skin and subcutaneous tissues during the operation of this contour body contour shaping system?

While all four components of the system work:

  • subcutaneous fat lipolysis and decay processes are triggered by, fat cells shrink and dissolve;
  • Fibrous partitions between separate fat regions are broken, the “orange peel” skin image vanishes, the skin becomes smoother;
  • blood flow is very strongly activated;
  • lymphatic metabolism and drainage improves;
  • skin and subcutaneous tissues metabolism is improved;
  • the supply of oxygen to tissues is increased, thus improving the skin and deeper tissue layers supply;
  • fibroblasts are activated, collagen and elastin fibers growth in deep skin layers is stimulated, skin renewal process is stimulated;
  • the skin is promoted to shrink and closely stick to the new contours.

How is cellulite treated in GK Clinic ?

Since cellulite and “orange peel” appearance is caused by a lot of different aetiological factors, individual approach is needed in each and every case in order to reduce them. Our Body modeling laboratory will create an individual, complex, and multi treatment program, which leads to really great results.

Is the stretch mark treatment effective?

After you complete the course of treatment- new strings will be barely visible, your skin tone and elasticity will increase and subcutaneous fat layer will be reduced. It is important not to be late, and start treating them as early as possible!

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