Intravenous and Intramuscular REVIV Therapy


What is REVIV Intravenous Therapy?

Intravenous REVIV therapy was developed by world-class medical specialists! This is proven in medicine, balanced high-purity mixture of medicines, various electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants. REVIV therapy provides extremely safe and effective results due to its unique formulas and activity! Intravenous therapy replenishes the body with fluids, restores the water-electrolyte balance and saturates the body with necessary vitamins and antioxidants. You will feel rejuvenation and will be more energetic and cheerful after therapy!

What is intramuscular therapy REVIV – “booster shot” – therapy?

If you need a powerful energy charge (to feel more energetic) and need help with weight loss and want to get a quick result – our intramuscular therapy using the “booster shot” REVIV is designed for you! Intramuscular REVIV injections are designed to provide long-term exposure of vitamins and minerals. This is a unique and powerful charge of strength and health!

Why is the opening of REVIV Vilnius important?

REVIV Vilnius is the 77th REVIV clinic in the world. REVIV clinics are spread all over the world from New York, the Bahamas and European countries to Singapore and Hong Kong! Unified world medical protocols, unique formulas of medicines and their mixtures, as well as their effectiveness guarantee extremely safe and effective REVIV therapy results!

Who is the REVIV therapy for?

REVIV therapy is used for various purposes:

  • for recovery of liquids,
  • to restore strength and energy,
  • for general recovery,
  • for detoxification of the body,
  • for anti-aging,
  • if you need help with weight loss and you want to get a quick result,
  • with continued complaints after drinking alcohol,
  • for the correction of unpleasant symptoms of “jet lag”,
  • when recovering from illness or intense physical activity,
  • for professional athletes after heavy and intense exercises,
  • for comprehensive recovery of the body, etc.

How long does REVIV therapy last?

Intravenous REVIV therapy is very fast. When choosing Vitaglow® therapy, it will take a little more than 10 minutes, and about 20 minutes – if you choose Hydromax®, Ultraviv® or Megaboost®. REVIV Royal flush® therapy, which is very effective, usually takes about 45 minutes. Intravenous REVIV infusions usually take 30-40 minutes, and intramuscular injections take about a couple of seconds.

Does the body absorb all substances during intravenous therapy?

Intravenous infusions provide the vitamins and active substances absorption by body by 100%. Meanwhile, when drinking water, drinks intended for athletes or energy drinks or when taking vitamins, only 50% of all substances is absorbed from the digestive system.

How long does the effect of REVIV therapy last?

Intravenous REVIV therapy is fast. You will feel a positive effect immediately after the start of therapy, and the full effect will last within 24 hours. After intravenous infusion, many patients with REVIV therapy experienced a significant improvement in overall well-being, which lasted up to 7 days, with a positive effect for another 1 month. Patients claim that positive feelings persisted up to 72 hours after intramuscular therapy.

Say “goodbye” to all complaints after long drinking, to depressive symptoms of “jet lag” and days wasted due to illness or intense physical activity!

What can I expect during my first visit?

Our experienced team will tell you about all the REVIV services during your first visit and help you choose which treatment is best for you. After a thorough examination by a doctor, you can enjoy the therapy by your own choice.

Is it safe?

Each medical intervention may present a certain risk, but be sure that the REVIV Vilnius clinic employs highly qualified doctors who comply with the strict world standards of REVIV medical protocols and safety. All our medical personnel are licensed by the REVIV World Medical Centre and have many years of experience. Currently, more than 500,000 REVIV therapy procedures are performed worldwide.

Is it painful?

You will only feel a slight injection during an intravenous catheter or intramuscular injection of a needle. We use a local anaesthetic spray before each injection to make the sensation even easier.

About Reviv Therapy

How to register for REVIV therapy?

There are three ways to register:

  • Select the REVIV therapy you are interested in (coloured circles below) and click on the icon. You will be redirected to the appropriate REVIV therapy webpage on the global website. Then click on the link “BOOK”, select “Europe” and the city “Vilnius”. Enter your registration information and click “BOOK NOW”.
  • Or click on the round blue REVIV logo in the right corner of the main page of the GK Clinic. You will be redirected directly to the REVIV Vilnius web page of the global website. Then select the desired REVIV therapy, enter other registration data and click “BOOK NOW”.
  • Or simply visit the global website and click on “BOOK” in the right corner of the page, select “Europe” and the city “Vilnius”. Enter your registration information and click “BOOK NOW”.
  • After registration, a questionnaire on the state of health in Lithuanian will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you. We kindly ask you to complete it and send to us. This will save you an infinite length of time, since you will not need to complete a questionnaire upon arrival at the clinic and you can immediately enjoy the therapy by your own choice.

Can I change my choice of REVIV therapy?

If, visiting our clinic and consulting with a doctor, you decide that another type of REVIV therapy is suitable for you, there will be no obstacles to its replacement!

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