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  • FAST;

What is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) method?

Intense Pulsed Light devices are very powerful mechanisms, generating a full spectrum light beam of various wavelengths.


What is the difference between other photoepilation devices and low power flash lamps, which are widely used in the beauty salons?

IPL devices are very powerful as they can generate energy of 50 J/cm 2 and even greater. Thus the procedures they are used in are very effective. The capacity of the common flash lamps, used in beauty salons, is usually only about 10-15 J/cm2, thus using them it is not possible to destroy the hair follicles – i.e. permanently remove hair.

What is the difference between IPL and laser hair removal?

Both methods are very efficient and provide a permanent hair removal results.

When hair is removed by IPL method:

  • procedures take shorter as the sensor element has 8 to 9 times larger area than that one of the laser;
  • the cooling of the device, which is used in our GK Clinic, is more improved, thus discomfort is less;
  • it is not required to grow one’s hair 1.5-1 mm above the skin surface for the day of the procedure the way it is required for the laser hair removal. It is enough to shave them. It is especially comfortable when removing one’s hair from the skin of the face (less psychological discomfort).

How does IPL devices work ?

IPL generates an intense beam of concentrated light of various wavelengths, which is targeted by a special handpiece at the right place.
The pigment present in the hair absorbs the energy emitted by IPL, then great heat energy is produced , which  destroys the hair follicle.
Without a follicle hair cannot grow again.

What is special about the IPL device used in the GK Clinic?

It is the only type of such IPL device in LITHUANIA with a perfect cooling of the  IPL handpiece ( the handpiece can cool down below the zero). Thus, the procedure becomes totally unpainful.

This method is less painful than laser hair removal electrolysis or depilation. This method is much more comfortable, effective and faster.

Does this method help to remove hair from any part of the body?

Using this method it is possible to remove hair from any part of the body. Women usually have their  IPL hair removal from upper lip, chin, eyebrows, bikini line, legs and armpit . And for men hair is removed from the larger areas of the body – the back and shoulders.

Who is the best candidate for IPL hair removal?

These procedures are especially helpful for the people who cannot shave or depilate hair using the usual old methods and for those , who have ingrown hair ( red nodules, usually followed by infection.)

Does IPL hair removal require special preparation?

  • 4 to 6 weeks before the procedure do not pluck the hair as well as do not depilate using depilation cream, wax or electrolysis (you can shave hair).
  • Make sure that on the day of the procedure your skin is nontaned,
  • 4 weeks before the procedure do not use any active cosmetics (which make skin sensitive to the intense light) on that area, where IPL hair removal isapplied.
  • On the day of the procedure, the skin has to be clean, without makeup, creams, perfume or other cosmetics. Hairs have to be shaven.

Is the IPL hair removal procedure painful?

IPL hair removal is safe, quick and a gentle method. Though some parts of the body are more sensitive, most of the patients experience only a slight tingling or do not feel it at all. Anaesthetizing is usually unnecessary.

What are the recommendations after the IPL hair removal?

After the procedure skin can be slightly reddened or itchy. These affects disappear within 1 to 2 days. After the IPL hair removal:

  • for a few days do not expose yourself to the sun or go to a solarium;
  • for 1-2 days avoid saunas, baths and other thermal procedures;
  • avoid hot water when having showers;
  • do not scratch, rub or traumatize your skin;
  • avoid swimming and sports which could traumatize treated skin or cause infection;
  • within a day after the procedure do not use any cosmetics on the treated areas.

Can this method be applied to everyone?

Unique features of the IPL provide an opportunity to work on various types of the skin and hair.

Specialists of our GK Clinic will individually select a lPL hair removal system and schedule for you.  During consultation our doctor will advise you and will tell you if that method is best for you as well as will choose the most effective treatment combination.

How many procedures will I need ?

The number of procedures depends on the coarseness, number, and growth cycle of the hair. Hair can be removed only during the active growth the phase (in this phase hair comes out of the follicle and appears on the surface of the skin). Many factors influence the growth of hair: ethnic origin, hormones, drugs, metabolism, etc. Usually 4 to 6 procedures are necessary to reach the desired result.

Doctors in our GK Clinic will propose the best procedures schedule for you.

Are there any side effects after the IPL hair removal?

There can be temporary side effects, such as  skin redness, which disappears in  a few hours. Very rare after the IPL hair removal crusts or small vesicles can appear which will disappear within 5 to 7 days.

It can cause pigmentation changes for the people with darker skin or tanned  skin. These pigmentations changes fade out within 3 months.

When is  IPL hair removal not recommended?

The procedure is not performed if:

  • there is a skin disease in the hair removal area;
  • one uses photosensitizing drugs (i.e. making skin sensitive to the intense light: e.g., sulphonilamides, systemic antifungal drugs, chlorpromazine, thiazides etc.).
  • the IPL procedure is not recommended if you suffer from epilepsy, polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian hyperandrogenism.
  • the procedure is not recommended if the skin has a tendency to form keloid scars

Before the procedure always consult with the doctor. Only a specialist can tell  you , are you a good candidate for this procedure.


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