Labia rejuvenation and restoration with auto-fat injections

Rejuvenation and augmentation of the labia with auto-fat injections restores their youthful appearance, making them look fuller, more youthful, and less wrinkled. As a general rule, tissue fillers and less often auto-fat injections are used for this procedure.

Since labia is a rejuvenated using your own body fat, this method has many advantages:

  • Natural method using own tissues;
  • Long lasting effect
  • No allergic or rejection symptoms;
  • Particularly suitable for patients allergic to tissue fillers;
  • Very convenient to perform simultaneously with fat extraction operation.

How do auto-fat injections work?

Own fat injected into the labia increase their volume, restore the elasticity and youthful volume, and reduce wrinkles.

Is it safe to have the labia rejuvenation procedure with auto-fat injections?

It is a safe procedure because of using your own body fat. Every year, thousands of patients use this method of treatment. It quickly became a very popular method of correcting visible signs of aging of the labia.

From which area of the body the fat is taken for this procedure?

Your own body fat is used for the procedure. Typically, fat is taken from another location (e.g. belly, buttocks, thighs) and injected into the required area – the labia. It is especially convenient to perform this procedure simultaneously with fat extraction operation.

Who needs advice?

At our GK Klinika the plastic surgeon will examine your labia, assess their size, shape, and wrinkles. The plastic surgeon will introduce you to all features of this procedure. You will also discuss the preferred size and shape of your labia. In each case, the specialist will individually assist you in choosing the right labia modelling method and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

During the consultation you should indicate any medications you are taking, your inclination to hypertrophic scars autoimmune diseases, whether you are taking aspirin or other blood clotting medicines. Do not forget to tell if you have any allergies to medicines.

How does the procedure look like?

Your fat is collected with a syringe from a donor location, and, after properly preparing, injected one needle size hole along the labia contour. This makes the labia even more voluminous and puffy, making them sexier and more youthful. If you want, the shape can be adjusted. Results are visible immediately!

Is the procedure of sexual labia rejuvenation with auto-fat there are painful?

Usually, the labia are desensitised with a special cream or the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia using merely one needle prick. Therefore, discomfort is minimal.

Are there any side effects after the procedure?

Occasionally, after the procedure, the labia may swell, stretch, and slight bruising may occur. These sensations usually disappear within a few days. To avoid this, strictly follow your doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

If you have any questions, call our GK Klinika at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private doctor’s consultation.

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