Labia shaping with BOCA polylactic sutures

When shaping the contour of the labia, the volume of the labia is increased making them to appear fuller, puffy, reducing wrinkles both on the labia and around them. As a general rule, tissue fillers, polylactic BOCA sutures and, less often, auto-fat injections are used for this procedure.

How the procedure of labia shaping with BOCA suture is unique?

In Lithuania, BOCA polylactic labia sutures have been used safely and effectively for a number of years. This procedure has many advantages over other labia volume enhancement procedures because of:

  • Long-lasting effect that lasts up to five years;
  • Minimal discomfort;
  • Very few side effects because one needle prick is enough to perform the procedure !
  • Extreme stimulation of production of new collagen in the labia;
  • Sutures are fully reabsorbed;
  • Perfect vertical shaping of your labia!

How does BOCA labia shaping sutures work?

The suture is made of polylactic acid, which, when dissolving around each suture, encourages the formation of new collagen fibers. Lactic acid is present in our body, which makes BOCA suture perfectly tolerable. Labia seem to be filled up with your natural new collagen from the inside, increasing and tightening them. Due to the unique design of the hooks, the surrounding tissue keeps the sutures in place not allowing to move.

What are the sutures with “hooks”?

Unlike conventional sutures that are smooth, BOCA sutures have tiny hair-thick hooks that have been developed after extensive research and have the most efficient geometric patented “hook” design in the world. They are produced in a strictly regulated company that develops and manufactures modern medical products for the last 25 years.

How do BOCA labia sutures look like?

Unlike other polypropylene sutures, BOCA sutures are transparent, very thin, and invisible under light or thin skin.

Is the procedure safe?

The procedure is very safe when performed by an experienced physician of the procedure. The risks and complications of this procedure are rare and usually are easy to correct. In rare cases of complications, the sutures may be removed, or their location may be changed if needed.

Who needs advice?

In our GK Kinika, a plastic specialist will inspect your labia, evaluate their size, shape, and wrinkles on your labia, and at the labia corners.

The plastic surgeon will describe and introduce you to all features of this procedure. You will also discuss the preferred size and shape of your labia. In each case, the specialist will individually assist you in choosing the right labia shaping method and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe your our doctor will advise you to perform a BIONUTRILIPS procedure or labia modelling with auto-fat injections.

During the consultation you should indicate any medications you are taking, the history of labia herpes, inclination to hypertrophic scars autoimmune diseases, whether you are taking aspirin or other blood clotting medicines. Do not forget to tell if you have any kind of allergy to medicines.

How does the procedure look like?

Initially, the labia are desensitised with a special anaesthetic cream. Then, with a single needle puncture, through the special cannula the polylactic suture is laid on the upper half and then on the bottom part of the labia. After the procedure, removable body colour micropatches are applied.

Is the procedure of labia volume restoration with BOCA suture painful?

Usually, the labia are desensitised with a special cream or the procedure is performed under wired anaesthesia. Moreover, the procedure is only carried out using one needle prick and therefore the discomfort is minimised.

What care is needed after the procedure?

After the procedure we recommend to follow some practical instructions and care tips, to help keep sutures in place. Some of these tips advise you to avoid intense facial rubbing (massage), wide mouth opening (for example, eating apples or yawning), as well as some exercising. We will explain these recommendations to you in more detail.

Are there any side effects after the procedure?

Occasionally, after the procedure, the labia can swell, become slightly sore and stretch. These sensations usually disappear within a few days. To avoid this, strictly follow your doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

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