Labia Surgery

What are most common operations of the labia?

The reduction or correction of labial form is most common operation at this location.

Am I a good candidate for this operation?

During the consultation, you will tell the plastic surgeon about the desired results you would like, and exactly what you would like to change. It will help the surgeon understand, summarize your desires, and decide are you a good candidate for this operation.

Why do you need a consultation?

GK Clinic specialists will examine and inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages of this operation. You will consider the desired size and shape together.
You should also mention what medications you take, past operations, or if you have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology, etc. You should not forget to talk about taking any drugs, which can diminish blood coagulation, and any allergies.

Does a labia surgery require any special preparation?

You should lower the number of cigarettes if you smoke. It is also recommended that you not use Aspirin or other drugs that might diminish blood coagulation.

How is the operation performed?

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. The duration is about one hour. We will advise you to spend the night after the operation under the observation of GK Clinic specialists.

What is the recovery time for labia surgery?

Swelling or aching usually only last a few days.

If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation.


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