Laser and (or) IPL leg veins therapy

Modern laser technologies are used to treat dilated leg veins safely and effectively.
Modern and powerful vascular lasers are used in our GK Clinic to treat the tiniest cosmetically unattractive venous branches, blue stains and the larger blood vessels of the legs. Our specialists combine a few laser systems with IPL for treating more difficult cases. New lasers have already replaced sclerotherapy, which was used for quite a long time.

How does a laser affect the blood vessels of the legs?

A laser beam is applied directly on the chosen blood vessel/vein. The vessel absorbs the energy of the laser beam, meanwhile having no effect on the surrounding tissue. The energy is transformed to a high amount of heat and this heat coagulates the blood vessel. The vein collapses and disappears immediately. Sometimes the branches disappear during the period of 2-6 weeks.

What are the advantages of treating legs veins using laser?

This method is fast, precise, non-invasive and effective.

Why do you need a consultation?

Our doctor will look through your history, inspect the veins, consider the diameter, function of deep veins, and the condition of venous valves before the treatment. Your skin type also needs to be determined. You should also inform the doctor if you were treated before or if you have had veins surgery. Our doctor will consider the condition of your veins and will choose the most suitable method of treatment for you: laser, a few lasers, IPL, sclerotherapy, varicectomy (surgery) or a combination of few methods.

Are you a good candidate for this treatment?

You just have to ask our doctor. If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation. After a short examination, our doctor will decide if you are a good candidate.

Is it possible to combine any other methods with laser treatment of leg veins?

IPL or sclerotherapy can additionally be used. Special drugs are injected into vein branches during sclerotherapy. The injection is not painful, because really tiny micro-needles are used. The vein slowly disappears after the injection.

Does the recovery period require any special care?

Special observation is not necessary. We will recommend that you wear special compressive stockings or bandages. It will help keep the veins under pressure. After the treatment of larger veins, a brownish pigment can be seen for a few weeks.
Following laser or sclerotherapy treatment, hard physical work or hot bath should be avoided. You should not work hard for at least 24 hours following this procedure.

How many procedures should be performed?

One procedure is usually enough. More procedures might be necessary in cases involving complicated vascular formations.

When is the surgical method applied?

Surgery is performed in cases involving the following obvious symptoms: inflammation of venous nodes, thrombosis, skin trophic disturbances, bleeding, or when compressive therapy is not possible or not effective.

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