Laser correction of acne skin damages

A unique way to renew aging and damaged skin – pixel by pixel and point by point…

Can you imagine your facial image as a digital photo? Every point and every pixel must be restored over time. In the same way, point by point and pixel by pixel, your skin can be changed by fractional resurfacing.

Your skin will become smoother, softer and much fresher right after one fractional resurfacing procedure- FRAXEL laser treatment. The wrinkles around your eyes will disappear, pigment spots will bleach out, and the skin will become more solid and lifted.


What is Fractional laser treatment? What is the point of this method?

During the treatment using a special FRAXEL laser, thousands of tiny deep micron-sized columns of skin are formed. These columns are called microthermic treating zones. Old epidermal (upper skin layer) cells are eliminated during treatment. At the same time, the laser beam affects the deeper layer of the skin – the derma.
The other zones not affected by the laser are also very important. Unaffected tissue is left around every microthermic treatment zone affected by the FRAXEL laser. This is the main goal of “Fractional” laser treatment. This fractional method enhances much faster healing without any postoperative period, and you can keep on living your usual daily life.
20-25 percent of the curative area is affected during every procedure. The results are seen right after the procedures and keep growing month by month. Optimal results are clearly seen after 2-3 months. New epidermis (new upper skin) is formed within 24 hours. Deep skin layers keep changing for a few months.

How does the acne damaged skin change after the FRAXEL LASER TREATMENT ?

After the procedure changes not only the skin colour, but also disappears pigmentation in acne scar areas , acne scars flattens and skin surface becomes more smooth.
What is the difference between FRAXEL LASER TREATMENT and other laser types use for correction of acne skin damage (for example, a CO2 laser)?
In skin resurfacing by CO2 laser, all skin is affected and no unaffected areas are left. It therefore takes two or three weeks to restore the new skin and to return to your normal life. The healing process takes a very short time after FRAXEL laser treatment and requires no special care, so you will not need to take holidays or change your activities.

What areas can be treated with FRAXEL LASER ?

FRACTIONAL LASER TREATMENT can be performed in any problemic area. Usually we perform the procedure only in certain facial parts, which are mostly affected by acne: e.g. only in cheeks.

Are you a good candidate for this procedure?

You have to ask our specialist. If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinicby phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation.
During the consultation, you will explain to our specialist what results you would like to see and what you would like to change. It will help our specialist understand your desires better and consider are you a good candidate for this procedure.

Why do you need a consultation?

You, along with a laser surgery specialist will consider what location you would like to treat, along with the desired results and real effects of the procedure. Our specialist will individually select the most suitable procedure or combination of methods, plus the most comfortable schedule for you. The schedule may be variable. If you have active acne, at first our dermatologist will prescribe you the proper acne treatment.
You also have to tell the doctor what medications you use, and if you have had any operations in the past. Don’t forget to mention if you have any allergies.

Does a FRAXEL LASER TREATMENT procedure require any special preparation?

Special preparation is not needed. It is recommended to do the procedure on non-tanned skin . Our specialist may recommend additional procedures for getting better results.

How is the procedure performed?

FRAXEL LASER TREATMENT is usually applied after the use of a special aneasthetic ointment. The skin is prepared by careful cleaning and disinfection. The procedure takes about an hour. You are able to go home after it.

What about the recovery period?

Right after FRAXEL LASER TREATMENT, you may feel heat on your skin, just like after sunbathing. The skin will look like it has been sunburned for one week after the procedure. It is a positive sign, which indicates that the healing processes are taking place in all the skin layers. Light swelling appears right after the procedure and usually disappears in a few days. Make-up is only recommended for next day. Men can shave their skin on the next day after the procedure.
New epidermis – new surface skin is formed in 24 hours. Deep layers of the skin keep changing for a few months (even up to 8 months).
During the skin changing processes you will see:
Sunburn – the skin looks like does after being sunburn for 3-14 days, depending on the treatment intensity.
Shedding of the skin – this processes means that new skin is replacing the old layers. More intensive moisturizing ointments are recommended for this period. You can use your usual ointments or consult your doctor.
You should use sun protection creams SPF no less than 25-30.
Your friends and family will be surprised by your young and healthy skin after only a few procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact our GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation.

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