Laser Treatment of Vascular Malformations

In addition to vascular tumors there are other congenital benign skin vascular diseases, called vascular malformations. In the past, these structures were birthmarks or congenital angiomas. These blood-vessel formations usually develop when the vein system is just forming, during the pregnancy. They occur at a 1 in 1,000 births rate.

Vascular malformations

What are vascular malformations, and how they look?

Vascular malformations are classified according to origin – capillary, venous, arterial, lymphatic, or mixed (depending on what kind of vessel it is). In most cases in capillary and venous malformations occur. A typical example of capillary malformations – port wine stain, it is described in the next section.
Venous malformations appear as a blue spot or “bump” in the skin and can be very different in size. Such an arrangement is generally soft and not painful. It is painful when the thrombosis of the vessels occurs.

Venous malformations

Can vascular malformations become malignant?

Such lesion does not become malignant. In unclear cases, your doctor may recommend the formation’s biopsy for additional testing.

Do malformations grow?

Malformations do not grow as aggressively as hemangioma does during childhood, but increase in proportion to the growth of the child. This is a congenital defect, which is not yet fully formed at birth and changes during life. Aggressive growth or complications can be triggered by serious illnesses, trauma or hormonal changes in the body.

What are the complications of vascular malformations?

The most common complication is pain when the formations blood-vessel suddenly clogs (with a thrombus). Sometimes the malformation start  grow rapidly and infiltrate the surrounding tissues. If malformation ulcerates, it can lead to quite serious bleeding.

Can these blood vessels formations disappear spontaneously without treatment?

Unlike hemangiomas, vascular malformations do not vanish by themselves. Therefore, if untreated, they will not disappear.

How are the vascular malformations treated?

Small vascular malformations are treated with medical lasers. In most cases this is not a one-time treatment, it takes a few procedures. If the malformations are large, combined treatment is applied – surgery, laser therapy and sclerotherapy.

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