Lip modeling with tissue filler injections

When forming the contour of the lips, they are thickened so that they appear fuller, more puffy, and wrinkles are reduced both on the lips and in area around them. In most cases this procedure requires the use of tissue fillers, and less frequently – auto-fat injections.

In our GK Clinic you can choose different brand-name company, non-animal origin tissue fillers:

  • Semi-synthetic tissue fillers (made from hyaluronic acid and acrylic hydrogel – DERMALIVE).

How do tissue fillers work?

Tissue fillers are injected in your lips:

  • They increase the volume of your lips, make them bigger and thicker, thus eradicating small wrinkles on the lips and around them.
  • They stimulate new collagen fiber creation.

Is the procedure safe ?

This is a safe procedure, because only your body’s own fat is used. You can not only thicken your lips, but also correct their shape, mitigate it, or even totally cure some of the facial wrinkles (eg, this is particularly suitable for wrinkles, coming from the nose toward the corner of the lips), adjust the shape of the face (accentuate cheekbones or the chin, correct their shape).

Every year thousands of patients choose this treatment method, so it quickly became a very popular method to correct visible signs of aging.

  • Long-term effect;
  • Minimal discomfort;
  • A very small number of possible side effects;
  • You can get back to your normal life activities immediately after the procedure.

What is the difference between different tissue fillers?

In our GK Clinic you can choose different brand-name company, non-animal origin tissue fillers:

  • Hyaluronic acid: TEOSYAL, MATRIDEX, RESTYLANE);
  • Semi-synthetic tissue fillers: (made from hyaluronic acid and acrylic hydrogel – DERMALIVE).

All tissue fillers used in our clinic are of non-animal origin.

Hyaluronic acid fillers – consisting of hyaluronic acid (many of our body tissues contain it, e.g., cartilage, ligaments, etc..). They are more natural to our body, but are decomposed and removed from the body faster (the effect lasts for about 6-7 months, depending on the manufacturer).

Semi-synthetic tissue fillers (DERMADEEP) – consisting of hyaluronic acid and non-resorbant acrylic hydrogel particles. Due to this composition, the human body cannot decompose and remove the medicine as fast as the other types (the effect lasts up to several years).

Why do you need a consultation?

Our GK clinic plastic surgeon will examine your lips, and evaluate their size, shape, amount of wrinkles both on the lips and in the mouth corners.

Our plastic surgeon will provide you with information on all of the features of this procedure. Together, you will discuss the desired size and shape of lips. In each case, a specialist will individually help you to choose a suitable tissue filler, and you will discuss it’s advantages and disadvantages ..

During the consultation process you should indicate what medications you are taking, tell the doctor have you suffered from the lips herpes or do you have a tendency for hypertrophic scars, do you suffer from autoimmune diseases, or take aspirin or some other blood-clotting medications. Do not forget to tell the doctor about your allergies, if you have any.

How does the procedure is carried out?

Tissue filler is injected in your lips, thus, thickening them, making them bigger, eradicating small wrinkles on the lips and around them. If necessary, the gel is injected into the upper and (or) the lower lip. This provides even more lip volume and puffiness, the lips become more sensitive looking. The results are visible immediately!

Is this procedure painful?

Usually the lips are treated with a special cream before the procedure, or a procedure is performed under local anesthesia, with minimal discomfort.

Are there any side effects after the procedure?

Sometimes you may have swollen lips, or feel mouth tension after the procedure. Typically, these feelings disappear after a few days. In order to avoid this, strictly follow your doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

How do you know whether this procedure is right for you?

Ask our doctors. If you have any questions, please call our GK Clinic Tel. 553353 to arrange a private doctor’s consultation. After a brief examination the doctor will decide if this treatment is right for you.


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