LipoContrast non-invasive degreasing procedure

LipoContrast is a revolutionary procedure for fat reduction by thermal shock. This is the latest and most advanced fat reduction technology, certified by the European CE mark.

LipoContrast is the most effective, targeted and non-invasive medical equipment for reducing fat volume. It works on the principle of thermal contrast lipolysis. GK Klinika is officially the only clinic in the Baltic States that currently offers this advanced treatment.

What is LipoContrast?

Many years of research have shown that freezing or heating fat cells is an effective way to lose weight, but LipoContrast does it better, it combines both methods! A triple thermal shock sequence of heat-freeze-heat  reduces the fatty layer without any harm to the body. It takes just one procedure for the fat in the problem zone to be reduced by about 20%! The remaining fat is removed by the body very intensively: the remaining 80% is removed within 20 days.

What makes the non-invasive LipoContrast fat reduction technology unique?

  • It integrates the latest technologies of cryolipolysis in the world.
  • It is approximately 40% more effective than other conventional cryolipolysis procedures.
  • In just one session, more than 30% of the treated fat tissue can be removed.
  • The result is visible already after the first procedure and after a few days.
  • Convenient and painless procedure. It does not require any preparation or rehabilitation period!
  • Multiple zones can be treated at a time (to save your precious time).

How is the LipoContrast procedure performed? What happens during the procedure?

A contact gel is applied to the surface of the skin. Depending on the size of the treated area, the specialist selects a suitable nozzle-applicator and puts it on the problem area. The LipoContrast computerized system functions on the basis of a triple thermal shock principle and is carried out according to time, speed, temperature and energy protocols precisely programmed in advance.

During the treatment, the heating of the  internal fatty tissue is gradually changed into freezing down to 3 ºC. This temperature induces adipocyte apoptosis.

The third and final stage, aimed at optimizing the procedure, is a 10- minute heating interval. The thermal contrast induces stronger local apoptosis of fat cells and further enhances the effect of the procedure. The method is completely safe and controlled, while non-fat cells (e.g. blood vessels, peripheral nerves, melanocytes -pigment cells, connective tissue cells, etc.) are not affected.

The entire LipoContrast procedure takes only 60 minutes, is  painless,  and the patient can relax and even sleep.

Which areas are best suited for the LipoContrast procedure?

LipoContrast is suitable for reducing localized fat deposits in various areas of the body: double chin, arms, torso, sides, abdomen, back, hips, thighs and knees.

How many LipoContrast procedures will I need?

Depending on the thickness of the fat tissue and the desired result, you will usually need from 1 to 3 procedures, with approximately 4-week intervals between them.

What will I feel during the LipoContrast procedure?

The procedure is completely painless: at first there is a feeling of stretching in the treated area, followed by a feeling of heat alternating with cold. Sometimes there is a slight redness and a feeling of numbness, which can last up to several hours. After the procedure, you can immediately return to your usual daily routine: go to work or even  to the gym.

How long does the result last?

The number of fat cells we have does not increase with weight gain, it is the fat cells themselves that grow in volume and size. Once a fat cell is destroyed in the body, it does not regrow. So, if the weight does not increase, the results of LipoContrast should be long-term.

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