Massage is a type of art. Art of creating harmony between body and soul. A beautiful, elegant exterior of the body is a great place for an exalted, inspiriting soul. But only the artist can create the perfect look.

Massage is knowledge. Knowledge that came from India and China’s healers, knowledge that was written thousands of years ago. Knowledge, that combines Eastern medical wisdom and modern western technology developments. But the only master can transfer these skills to you.

Massage is a source of comfort and isolation from a big and crazy city. This is a source of strength for life. But only the artist can help you enjoy this resource.

GK massage clinic will help improve the quality of your life.

Classical massage – is an effective treatment and preventive method to prevent various ailments. Massage helps to avoid the various pains, swelling, accelerates healing of damaged tissues. Massage restores tired muscles and increases their efficiency, strengthens joints and tendons. The best way is to have two courses of 10 sessions each year, and between courses – one to two procedures per month.

Therapeutic Massage – takes the pain away and tones the body, helping it to rebuild it’s ability to work efficiently. A course of treatment is individually prepared for every patient

A massage with Vellasmooth medical machine – is a therapeutic massage, which, along with classic massage, helps to achieve rapid and reliable results in adjustment of body shape. Treatment procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, we do not advise you to have this massage more often than every 1-2 days. A course of treatment is individually prepared for every patient.

Manual lymph drainage massage – adjusts the outflow of lymph, removes the accumulation of fluid in the tissues and organs, helping to increase the strength of the immune system, cleanses the body from slags and toxins. Used as a stand-alone treatment. Especially relevant during post-operative period. A course of treatment is individually prepared for every patient.

Japanese massage according to Masayuki SAIONJI techniques – a combination of a point and manual massage. Massage is applied while the patient is lying on the ground, through the clothes. Duration 45 min. The entire body is massaged with the dominant press massage mode thus deeply influencing biologically active points, joint correction is also carried out. This massage type is applied to cure various diseases, for general patient condition improvement.

Hyromassage (Spanish technology) – complete muscle relaxation, detoxification, removal of muscle fatigue, the body’s saturation with oxygen.

Relaxation massage – a deep relaxation of body, removing stress and tension. Rub and stroke techniques are dominant in this type of massage. The entire body is massaged, using special essential oils.

Spa massage – a harmonious system for unique results, it works in several directions at once: aesthetic (body shape correction), psycho-emotional state (stress removal), medical prophylaxis. It is best to have 3 courses of 10-12 sessions each year, and two treatments per month between courses.

Aromamassage – effective and enjoyable massage. This is a classical massage, during which the effect is strengthened by the impact of essential aromatic oils, which are selected on an individual assessment of your condition, or illness, if you suffer from one. The best treatment way is to have two courses of 10 sessions each year, and one to two treatments per month between courses.

Honey massage – improves blood circulation, removes dead cells in the epidermal layer of skin and is soft like velvet.

Thalassotherapy (peeling) – tones the blood vessels, improves microcirculation, reduces swelling, stimulates lipolysis and reduces fatty reserves, and softens and moisturizes the skin. The recommended treatment course consists of 7 to 10 procedures with with home care.

Deep muscle anti-cellulite – corrective massage – makes it possible to achieve maximum results in the shortest period of time, by reducing the volume of the body, removing cellulite and helping to improve skin tone . This massage technique requires great experience, physiological and anatomical knowledge. A course of treatment is individually prepared for every patient.

Sports Massage – This massage aims to improve sports efficiency, to relax muscles.The entire body is massaged while using special warming oil.

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