What is melanoma?

Melanoma -is a sinister malignant skin tumor. Melanoma begins in melanocytes – the cells which produce melanin, the pigment that gives skin it’s natural color. It occurs when melanocytes become malignant. Melanoma can occur anywhere on the skin of the body.

Does melanoma always form in moles?

Skin Melanoma can form: from moles in 50% of the cases and on flat, healthy skin in the same  50% (de novo). Although the probability of developing melanoma increases with age, the disease is prevalent in all age groups.

Can melanoma be cured?

Melanoma is curable if diagnosed at an early stage. However, if it is not removed in time, cancer cells penetrate deep into the healthy tissue and can occur in other organs and regional lymph nodes (melanoma metastasizes). Therefore, it is important to seek timely medical attention to check and remove suspicious skin formations.

Why melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer?

It is the most common cancer causing death among 25-30 years age women. And although melanoma is 5% of all skin tumors, the mortality rate from this disease is as high as 71%. Among women aged 30-35 melanoma is the second cancer type (after breast cancer) according to the death rate.

Are you in a high-risk group? When there is a high risk of developing melanoma?

GK Clinic experts recommend to check with your doctor if:

  • Someone in your family had melanoma;
  • You have a lot of gained and atypical moles;
  • You already had melanoma;
  • You are: of Caucasian origin, blond, redhead or blue-eyed;
  • If you can’t get a sun tan, but your skin is burned often (sunburns);
  • If you ever were seriously burnt in the sun or solariums (received large doses of UV rays);
  • You are a female (the risk is 2 times higher).

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