Modern treatment of vascular lesions using lasers and (or) Intensive Pulsed Light (IPL)

Many men and women have capillary vascular lesions or red spots on their face. Sometimes these lesions are visible only in hot weather, after sports, a cup of coffee, or a glass of champagne. Others become more noticeably seen in childhood or during chilblains… Most of us have wanted to get rid of them long ago. Now you can get fast, safe and effective treatment. GK Clinic specialists can offer you a fast and effective correct with the help of the most advanced modern lasers and intensive pulsed light equipment.

What are the advantages of treating facial vascular lesions using lasers and IPL?

Combining the advanced lasers and IPL technologies, the advantages are obvious:
– Perfect and permanent results –combining advanced technologies, you will get the best results, even in the most complicated cases
– It is very gentle treatment – anesthesia is usually not necessary
– It is very simple treatment – minimal discoloration and swelling after treatment, minimal care after treatment
– Comfort – the treatment is non-invasive and lasts only few for a minutes

What is a “vascular lesion” on the skin of the face?

Vascular lesions  on the skin of the face are formed by skin blood vessels. These vessels are usually larger than normal, or more vessels than normal are present. These blood vessels are easily seen through the skin, and in other cases you can only observe a bright red spot, not separate blood vessels.

What are the most common vascular skin lesions corrected by lasers or IPL?

Most common malformations are:
– Telangiectasias – malformations of the face formed by the dilation of capillaries or arteriolas;
– Rosacea – red lesions of the skin located around the face, nose, or on the cheeks, either separate or grouped;
– Blood vessels are visible or appear as one bright red spot;
– Spider angiomas – red, stars-like lesions;
– “Cherry” haemangiomas – raised-up, round, red formations;
– Port wine stain – flat red or bluish spot. This is a congenital skin malformation.

How do the advanced treatments used in our GK Clinic work?

The modern, new generation pulsed light and laser devices used nowadays affect a blood vessel by emitting a special amount of energy, and have a minimal affect on the surrounding skin. During the treatment, the laser or light energy is directed straight to the chosen capillary or blood vessel. This heat energy is absorbed by the blood vessel, causing its walls to stick together irreversibly. Combined variable lasers and IPL techniques affect blood vessels of different diameters at different depths of the skin. Therefore, this treatment can be used for very difficult cases which could not be corrected before.

Why do vascular lesions appear on the face?

Not all the reasons are known. Most common reasons are: heredity, oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, sunburn and the aging process. Vascular  lesions also can be caused by rosacea or other skin diseases.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

GK Clinic specialists will inspect and examine your vascular lesions before the treatment using special optical equipment. A detailed past history will be taken to find out how long you have had these formations. We will also need to determine your skin type, including other diseases and previous treatments. We will consider your general condition and explain the recommended treatments and prognosis. Our specialist will also choose the most suitable individual plan of treatment.

How is laser or IPL treatment performed?

Treatment differs depending on the characteristics, localization and spread of the vascular lesion. Your doctor will direct laser or IPL beam using a special headpiece of the device  to the lesion. Anesthesia is not usually needed. Some patients feel a light prick or heat.

Does the recovery period require any special care?

Discomfort is minimal after this procedure. The results depend on the method of treatment chosen by the doctor. Following some types of lasers or IP lights treatment, a swelling or redness may appear, but it lasts no longer than a few hours. A special ointment should be applied to the area, and it is also recommended to sunlight be avoided. The final results of the treatment are clearly seen immediately, or within 10-14 days after the procedure. It is recommended to avoid factors that might influence the dilatation of blood vessels – bathhouse, solarium, intensive exercising, alcohol, etc. for two weeks following  this procedure.

How many procedures do you need?

One procedure is usually enough . More than one procedure might be applied in the cases of complicated vascular lesions.

Can blood vessels return following the procedure?

Malformations and vascular lesions do not usually return in the treated area. The optimal desired effects will last if you follow the doctor’s recommendation – avoid sunlight, baths and other factors that might influence the dilation of blood vessels.

How can you find out are you a good candidate for this procedure?

You just have to ask our doctor. If you have any questions, please contact GK Clinic by phone at (5) 255 33 53 and arrange a private consultation. After a short examination, our doctor will decide and explain if this procedure suits you.

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