What are moles? How do they look like?

Moles – are black spots on the body, which we have from birth (congenital), and gained during our lifetime (acquired).They store melanin – the dark skin pigment.
Moles – are benign skin formations. They come in all shapes and sizes, flat and raised from the skin surface. Moles can range from one millimeter to several centimeters in size (these are called congenital marks), the surface may be clean or covered with hair. There are vascular birthmarks. The most  moles found on our body appear during the first year of our lives, during the period of puberty and during pregnancy. Solar radiation is the cause, that provokes the appearance of moles on our bodies.

Is it possible to remove moles from children?

The opinion that it’s better not to touch a mole, has been disproven long ago. Scientific studies have shown that congenital pigmentalmoles have a higher risk of malignant potential, especially in the areas of the body which are highly accessible to solar radiation. As the child grows congenital moles become not only health but also a cosmetic problem, because the former small, barely a centimeter-sized, moles significantly increase with time. A child’s skin stretches while he grows up, his body surface area increases and the moles are also growing in size.

Should you worry if you have a lot of moles?

Everyone has moles and is not worth to worry about them. They usually appear during childhood, and their number and appearance may change during time, they may even completely disappear. You need to learn to keep track of your moles, be aware of what changes should make you contact the doctor. This is particularly important because some moles can become malignant.

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