Nail diseases: diagnosis and treatment

Nails not only prevent finger tips from traumas, but are also important for human beauty. Internal diseases (e.g. liver, blood, etc. illnesses), skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis, eczema, etc.) can cause nail disorders. However, the most common cause of nail disease is nail fugal infections.

How does look the nail damaged by fungal infection?

Nail plate looses gloss, thickens, crumbles, nail plate colour changes.

How is diagnosed fungal infection of the nail?

In case of above mentioned nail plate changes, microscopic nail plate test is carried out to detect fungal spores and mycelium. However, it is impossible to define the type of fungal infection during this test , therefore to select a proper treatment, so it is recommended to perform a culture test.

When should fungal infection of the nail be treated?

As early treatment is started, the shorter and easier it is.

Why it is so important to treat fungal infection of the nail?

Fungal infection of the nail should be treated, because the patient transmits an infection to the people around him, beside, it can be superimposed by bacterial infection.

Are there necessary some additional laboratory tests before starting antifungal treatment?

It is recommended to perform some blood tests.

What procedures are carried out in GK Clinic?

In our GK Clinic dermatologist will examine nail plates and skin, and will carry out microscopic and culture tests. For your convenience, you will also be able to get in our clinic all necessary blood tests. After that dermatologist will prescribe you the necessary treatment.

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