Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping surgery (Rhinoplasty) is used to correct the form, size or general appearance of the nose. The operations can also help to correct difficulties with breathing, deviation of nose septum, posttraumatic defects etc. The goal of the operation is to create the harmony in total appearance of the face. These corrections still are one of most difficult and artistic aesthetic operations.

When is rhinoplasty recommended?

Usually this operation is recommended to people not younger than 14-15 years old because the nose may not be fully developed.

Am I a good candidate for this operation?

We recommend this operation if:
– Your nose seems to be too long or arge  for Your face;
– You have a bump on the  nose line, especially seen from the profile;
– Your nose seems too wide viewed from the front;
– The  nasal tip is bulbous or declined;
– You have too large, flared nostrils;
– Nose is located not at the midline of the face;
– Clear posttraumatic nose asymmetry.

Do You need a consultation?

During the  consultation the plastic surgeon at GK Klinika will inspect Your nose, consider the size, form of the nose, the thickness of the skin, deviation of septum etc.
Plastic surgeon will explain You the advantages and disadvantages of the operation. You will have an opportunity to show and explain desirable size and form of Your nose.
You should also mention what medications You take, Your latest operations, if You have abnormal blood pressure or other diseases for example diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology etc. You should not forget to tell about the drugs which can influence blood coagulation and if You have any allergies.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

This operation is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts from 1 to 3 hours. The skin and mucous layer are separated from cartilage and bone frame during this operation. According to individual desirable results, the nose cartilages are formed and nasal bones are corrected. The bump on the nasal bridge is corrected and flared nostrils are corrected if needed. We will offer You to spend night after the operation under observation of the specialists in our GK Klinika.

What is recovery time for rhinopasty?

A special splint is used on the bridge of the nose after surgery. The nose is swollen for a few days. The bruises will subside in  few days. Plastic surgeon will ask You not to sneeze Your nose until the tissues heal.
If surgeon leaves special packing inside the nostrils, they will be removed in a few days.
We recommend You to avoid heavy working for 3 weeks and avoid any forceful touching of the nose for 8 weeks.

Are the scars visible after operation?

The scars are usually invisible as they are located in the nostrils or in the columella.

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