What is paraproctitis?

In the anal canal, between the internal and external anal sphincter, the anal channel glands, which channel opens into the rectum. These glands inflammation and abscess is called acute paraproctitis. Abscesses which are spreading in different directions are form an inflammatory anal fistula, which is called chronic paraproctitis.

How does paraproctitis appear?

The cause of paraproctitis is an infection which, if it gets into the soft tissues located around the anus, cause the inflammation and abscesses. The infection enters through wounds caused by the active tightening or constipation, from suffering from hemorrhoids, to the anal injuries, sometimes from the bones or egg shells in the faeces. Sometimes it is impossible, to find out the real cause.

What are the paraproctitis’ symptoms?

Symptoms depend on their location. The main symptoms – pain in sitting position, while defecating, which may be accompanied by fever, malaise, chills sometimes. The skin around the anus is red, tense, painful, paraproctitis may lead to a lump formation, which, if teared open, will cause a small hole, through which the pus will flow.

What should you do if you experience these symptoms?

You need to pay a visit to the proctologist who, during the first consultation, will find out the patient complaints, will determine the duration of the disease, its nature, if necessary, examine the anus visually, or examine the anal canal with his finger or an endoscope. Sometimes you will need additional echoscope or endoscopic examination in order to differentiate this disease from other anal diseases.

How is paraproctitis treated?

If the patient is diagnosed with acute paraproctitis, he should be immediately operated, that’s why when there is a suspicion of paraproctitis, you should immediately visit an experienced proctologist to choose the optimal treatment plan for you.

How do I prepare for a proctologists consultation?

You should use a clyster 2 hours prior to visiting the doctor (preferably use the repeated use one, they are sold in pharmacies).

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