Perianal thrombosis

What is perianal thrombosis?

Hemorrhoids cavernous bodies, which are filled by blood vessels, may spontaneously crack open after intense defecation, diarrhea or coughing, constipation, which may cause blood spills under the skin. A clot can be formed from a few millimeters to 3 cm in size and is called parianal thrombus.

What are the symptoms of thrombosis?

The main symptom is sudden onset of intense pain when the anus is in rest , after defecation or during the above mentioned process, some blood may also appear from the anus. If a clot is formed outside of the anus can be seen as a dark blue painful bump on the anus, which is very painful on the first day, with the pain gradually going away, and the bump becoming softer.

What should you do if you experience these symptoms?

You need to pay a visit to the proctologist who, during the first consultation, will find out the patient complaints, will determine the duration of the disease, its nature, if necessary, examine the anus visually, or examine the anal canal with his finger or an endoscope. Sometimes you will need additional echoscope or endoscopic examination in order to differentiate this disease from other anal diseases.

How is perianal thrombosis treated?

When a patient is diagnosed with acute thrombosis, a doctor may make a small incision under local anesthesia to remove the thrombus. If the thrombosis occurred a long time ago – conservative therapy, and efforts to find and remove the factors causing the thrombosis, are the right answer.

How do I prepare for a proctologists consultation?

You should use a clyster 2 hours prior to visiting the doctor (preferably use the repeated use one, they are sold in pharmacies).

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