All we want fresh and shiny skin. But natural aging processes and environmental factors make us worry. What can we do? How can we clean and refresh our skin? Can we stop time?

Fortunately, Photorejuvenation technologies keep improving really fast, and today we can already get the results we could only dream of a decade ago!

A modern woman knows ways to maintain her youth!

A photorejuvenation procedure is performed using Intensive Pulsed Light (IPL) devices. During this procedure, skin pigment changes (spots), vascular formations, and redness can be eliminated. Skin pores are reduced in size, and skin tone and elasticity are improved.
The skin is cleared of different changes and the skin tone improves. Photorejuvenationalso promotes complicated physiological processes which gently stimulate collagen synthesis. New collagen increases skin tone and elasticity, and flattens small wrinkles. Therefore, the skin becomes much younger. The skin just shines!

Can Photorejuvenation correct deep wrinkles and lift the skin?

Photorejuvenisation is a very gentle method and is not used to correct deep wrinkles or provide facelift. Our plastic surgery specialist will recommend more powerful fractional laser skin resurfacing for you, or some other method.

Is photorejuvenation applied only in the facial area?

A photorejuvenation procedure can be performed in any areas where skin rejuvenation is desired – face, neck, décolleté or hands (especially the back of hands), arms, breasts area, etc.

What is the difference between photorejuvenation and laser skin rejuvenation?

IPL and laser systems are very similar according to the effect. Photorejuvenation is especially effective for skin with large pores – the pores contract. The photorejuvenationprocedure performed by IPL equipment is faster and more powerful. It is recommended for very busy people.
Our specialist, who is familiar all the differences, can individually choose and recommend the most effective and suitable method for you.

Does a Photorejuvenation procedure require any special preparation?

Special preparation is not required. The procedure is recommended to perform on non tanned  skin.
Our specialist may individually recommend additional devices or procedures for getting better results.

How the procedure is performed?

Skin Photorejuvenation does not require anesthesia.
The application area is carefully prepared before the procedure. Old skin layers are removed and this enhances the effect.
The preparation and procedure take a short time because a modern IPL system is used. You can return home or go back to work right after the procedure

How will I look after the procedure?

The skin has a healthy redness after the procedure. No postoperative period is rquired because the superficial layer of the face is not removed. Photorejuvenation is a gentle, non-invasive and fast method which does not disturb your daily life. You will not need to take holidays.

How many procedures will you need?

Every patient is individual and different. 4-5 photorejuvenation procedures are usually recommended.
The time period between the procedures is 1 month. Your skin will change after every procedure because the changes come from below the skin surface.
Your face, neck or décolleté will become brightly younger!

When is this procedure recommended to avoid the effects of skin aging?

This procedure is recommended for patients about 30 years old, so they can stop the aging processes of wrinkle formation, skin tone and elasticity loss, or if you have any particular problem, for example, dilated pores.

Am I a good candidate for photorejuvenation?

During the consultation, our plastic surgeon will examine your skin type, pigmentation, age and consider the desired results. The consultation with your doctor is always very important. A specialist can only sum up the changes to your skin, consider your desires, select the most suitable method of procedure or operation and give you all information. Our specialist may offer you a fractional laser skin resurfacing, a wrinkles correction using botulin or other tissue filler injections, or select other combinations. Maybe a plastic surgery would suit you better?
Our specialist will select your individual treatment according to your desires to achieve the best results.

Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

This method is most suitable for active patients who can’t interrupt their activities for even a single day, but still want to renew their skin using more gentle methods without aggressive laser treatment or the usual surgery.
The procedures are recommended for prophylaxis before the formation of really deep wrinkles and to stop the further aging of your skin.
This treatment is also recommended after plastic surgery of the face to prolong the effects and to improve the skin quality.
This method is even suitable for people who have high pigmentation and dilated skin pores.

What are the advantages of photorejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation using IPL or photorejuvenation is a fast, safe and effective procedure and is suitable for any skin type, even high pigmentation (darker skin types).
Photorejuvenation does not require hospitalization.
You will not have to take holidays or change your daily activities!

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