Pigmentation and mole removal by laser

Specialists at the GK Clinic caution:

Removing suspicious-looking moles or pigmentation by laser is categorically forbidden. If you have any suspicious-looking skin pigmentation or changing/damaged moles, please address the doctors of the GK Clinic – they will assess the situation and suggest the most effective way to solve your problem.

Why is laser treatment unique? What advantages does it have to offer?

It is a modern, painless and safe method based on the vaporisation of affected tissue. The laser emits light waves of a certain length that are absorbed by the skin formation and which destroy it and ensure the fast regeneration of skin cells. The method allows the removal of moles or other skin formations without scarring, leaving the skin smooth and healthy. This is very important when seeking to achieve a good cosmetic effect on the face, neck and on other visible parts of the body.

Why is a consultation with a doctor necessary?

In our GK Clinic, a specialist will request that you show and tell them about what you want examined or removed. During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate and examine the existing skin formations (by conducting a dermatoscopy, a contact or contactless SIAscopy, etc.)

What skin formations do we recommend removing by laser?

We recommend laser removal for the following:

  • moles
  • dermal formations, papillomas
  • basaliomas
  • cutaneous horns
  • verrucas
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • keratomas, atheromas, xanthelasmas

How is the procedure performed?

No special preparation is necessary on the part of the patient. A local anaesthetic is used during the operation, which lasts about 5-15 minutes. Tissues are only minimally traumatised during the laser operation.

What is recommended after the removal of skin formations by laser?

After the procedure, a special ointment has to be applied 2-3 times a day (for 10-14 days). Showering, washing and using your regular cosmetics are all allowed after the laser removal procedure is over.

A specialist from the GK Clinic will recommend a recovery course that best suits your individual needs. They will also arrange for a post-operative check-up appointment (usually about 1 month later).

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