Port -Wine stain combined treatment with medical laser and intense pulsed light

What is a Port -Wine stain?

Port – Wine stain (naevus flammeus) – is a congenital vascular malformation of skin, known as the “wine stain”. This is a flat red or bluish spot on the skin. The most common place of a Port -Wine stain is on the face. Although this is called vascular dysplasia, but it is believed that the cause of the disease is not altered skin blood vessels, but the failure of their innervation. Underdeveloped vascular innervation of the dermis causes blood vessels always to be dilated, what visually looks like a red spot on the skin.

Port -Wine stain

Does this stain change during the patients life?

This pathology is not a tumor, so Port -Wine stain do not grow in early childhood. The spreading, thickening and nodes (nodular transformation) is possible in case of other diseases, illnesses, adolescence, severe traumas, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Is it possible to recover without treatment?

Unlike hemangioma, port Port -Wine stain never vanishes by itself, the self-improvement is impossible.

How to treat port wine color stain?

Can only be effectively treated with laser procedures, surgical removal of stains is often not cosmetically acceptable and gives a short-term effect. It takes a few, or even from 10 to 20 laser procedures, until the desired result is achieved. GK clinic offers both – modern laser treatment and intense pulsed light treatment, the best results are achieved by combining these two treatment methods.

When should you start to treat Port -Wine stain?

The most effective treatment is the treatment in the early childhood, when there are no nodular transformation or other disease complications. Our GK clinic doctor will examine you, evaluate the changes in your case and will explain all the features of this procedure to you, so you could discuss the desired outcome. In each case, a specialist will choose an individual suitable treatment regime and the combination of lasers and the intense pulsed light.

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