Pressotherapy – Computerised Pressomassage

What is it pressotherapy and to whom is it recommended?

Pressotherapy or pressomassage – is an another technique used to fight against the main enemy of women – cellulite. But pressotherapies’ abilities are not limited only to that. It is strongly recommended after the removal of varicose veins operations, or to people who work physically demanding work which includes a lot of standing. Pressotherapy is particularly suitable for those who can’t get lymphatic drainage, electrostimulation or ultrasound procedures.

Pressotherapy can be successfully combined with other physical modeling procedures, and included to the combination of individual procedures in our GK Clinic Body modeling laboratory

How does pressotherapy work?

Pressotherapy very strongly influences the lymphatic system: during this procedure, compressed air is fed through a cuff with specific pressure. The amount of pressure is controlled by the computer. Depending on the location of the treatment, special shoes are used for leg treatment, a wide belt for thigh and abdominal areas, long gloves for hands. Elastic gloves have a mechanical effect on the skin and muscles, deep arteries and lymph vessels by regulating high and low pressure. Compression and relaxation periods last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Reducing the pressure, improves blood flow to the skin and muscles.

Lymphatic systems not only nourishes and protects our body, but also purifies it. Pressotherapy removes excess fluid and hazardous materials from our body, restores water balance, and normalizes extracellular fluid and lymph circulation. This procedure also improves blood circulation in your body, and thus activates the metabolic processes in the skin and fat cells. While shaping the contours of the body, pressotherapy helps to get rid of swelling, to decrease body size and effectively combats cellulite and obesity, pressotherapy also makes the skin smooth and firm.

How long are the pressotherapy sessions?

Pressotherapy procedure’s duration is up to 45 minutes. In most cases the recommended course consists of 10-15 procedures, every two to three days each. If necessary, the course is re-appointed after 5 or 6 months.

After pressotherapy procedures, women not only feel the lightness in the legs and the rest of the body, but also feelrelaxed, energetic, bright.

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